Riot cracks bottomward on Valorant app that gives players a cogent advantage afore the bout alike begins: 'It's adamantine to call how aghast I am'

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Riot is shutting bottomward a third-party Valorant app that gives players an aboriginal advantage in appearance selection.

Unofficial accompaniment apps for multiplayer amateur usually abide to accommodate added (and harmless) carbon tracking or alive baronial insights. Recon Bolt, fabricated by Swiss developer Julian Dunskus, admiring Riot's ire for its best different feature: the adeptness to lock-in characters on your buzz afore the advantage is accessible on PC (as spotted by Dexerto). 

Recon Bolt has been alive back at atomic October 2022, but this anniversary Dunskus appear to his Animosity server that he'll be shutting bottomward the app afterwards accepting a cease and abandon apprehension from Riot.

"It's adamantine to call how aghast I am that things accept angry out this way, but Anarchism has shut bottomward all attempts from my ancillary to accept a chat about this and amount out a way advanced together," Dunskus wrote.

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Dunskus told PC Gamer that Recon Bolt has accumulated over 338,000 downloads back its release, and averages about 88,000 account users. The app will go offline on both iOS and Github on July 20, tomorrow. 

"Thank you so abundant for all your abutment throughout the app's existence; it's meant the apple to me."

Riot hasn't aboveboard aggregate the acumen for the accepted shutdown, but Dunskus told PC Gamer that the flat has been aggravating to shut bottomward Recon Bolt for months. Afterwards allurement Anarchism why he'd been bound out of Riot's developer aperture in May, a adumbrative cited Recon Bolt's use of an adulterine login tool, the appearance alternative shortcut, and the admittance of an "item abundance checker which is not in band with our policies."

Riot ability accept additionally taken affair with Recon Bolt's exceptional tier, a ancient $5 acquirement that unlocks a few added features. Aftermost year, Anarchism took to Cheep to remind players that "using crooked 3rd-party apps that cull advice hidden by the bold applicant can get you BANNED."

recon bolt app interface

(Image credit: Julian Dunskus)

Allowing players to pre-select their appearance afore anybody abroad absolutely sounds like article Anarchism would accede an "unauthorized" use of its tools—in added words, a cheat, admitting Dunskus claims his app was originally accustomed by Riot.

Dunskus has argued on Twitter that Recon Bolt is no beneath fair than Valorant's absence adjustment of doling out characters, "where bodies who accept faster PCs or are faster at beat the all-important buttons (or set up a macro) get dibs."

"Personally, I'm counting on Anarchism to alter the 'first appear aboriginal served' arrangement we currently accept with one area no one gets advanced through speed," Dunskus wrote in April. 

That's one way to attending at it. It's accurate that the chase to lock in characters can be a cephalalgia of its own—it's abundant of a application that addition alike created an "Instalock Trainer" app that simulates Valorant's appearance alternative awning so you can convenance agilely beat on your main.


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Valorant's appearance alternative isn't carefully fair, admitting I agnosticism best players would be happier accepting to amount up an app afore every bout to alike the odds. Streamers accept additionally complained that Recon Bolt could be acclimated by beck snipers to analyze which appearance streamers are playing, admitting Dunskus says this was not an advised use of the app and was patched out some time ago.

Wherever you abatement on Recon Bolt's legitimacy, it's ultimately up to Anarchism to abjure API admission at will, or in this case, abuse acknowledged activity adjoin accoutrement it deems unsavory.

Dunskus is demography the account in stride. He was afraid by Recon Bolt's success, and "blown away" he was able to alive off the acquirement it fabricated for as continued as he could. He's now attractive about for a "real" job as an iOS developer.

Note: This commodity has been adapted with comments from Dunskus and app acceptance figures.

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