Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 G93SC

Samsung Adventure OLED G9

OLED awesomeness on an about badly ballsy scale.

(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

Samsung has aloof aloft the bar for gaming monitors. The new Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G93SC takes its already outstanding QD-OLED console tech and stretches it out to ballsy 49-inch, 32:9 aspect proportions. The after-effects are appropriately stupendous. But we'd apparently still adopt the added boilerplate 21:9 alternatives.


  • Outrageous 32:9 OLED panel
  • HDR the way it's meant to be
  • Mostly attractive architecture and build


  • Not absolutely cheap
  • 32:9 aspect isn't for everyone
  • Mediocre pixel density

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Another day, addition bleeding-edge, megabucks OLED monitor? Yep, but blot it up gaming freaks and catch the Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G93SC, all 49 inches of it. Not to be abashed with the Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G95SC, we didn't alike apperceive this "G93SC" adaptation of the OLED G9 archetypal existed until it accustomed at PC Gamer building aloof canicule afterwards the G95SC.

Confused? You're not the alone one. So, what it boils bottomward to is this. These two ultrawide 49-inch OLED monitors are about identical, save for the actuality that the G93SC we're reviewing actuality omits all the acute TV and hub functionality of the G95SC. It additionally doesn't appear with the IR alien complete with shortcuts to the accepted alive services.

All of that gubbins aloof adds to the price, does little for gaming accomplishment and in any case isn't a abundant fit on what is a 32:9 aspect monitor. Advantageous endless of money to watch 16:9 TV agreeable on this console doesn't accomplish a lot of sense. Alike 2.35:1 affection films leave cogent chunks of the console unused.

Anyway, what we're ambidextrous with actuality is an OLED adviser application the aforementioned Samsung QD-OLED console tech that we've apparent ahead on both Alienware's 34-inch models, including the Alienware 34 AW3423DWF, and the Philips Evnia 34M2C8600. It's aloof the console is alike added at 32:9 aspect rather than 21:9. You get the aforementioned pixel density, the aforementioned 1,440 vertical pixels, but the accumbent resolution has been broadened out to 5,120 pixels.

Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G93SC

Screen size: 49-inch
Resolution: 5120 x 1440
Brightness: 250 nits abounding awning SDR
Color coverage: 99% DCI-P3
Response time: 0.03ms
Refresh rate: 240Hz
Contrast ratio: 1M:1
Features: QD-OLED panel, adaptive sync, 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.1, 1x mini HMDI, USB hub, 1800R curve
Price: $1,999 (est.) | £1,499 (est.) 

Consequently, this new OLED console is absolutely the aforementioned admeasurement and resolution as Samsung's antecedent Adventure G9 monitors based on LCD rather than OLED panels.So, the anatomy agency is familiar, admitting the 1800R ambit is beneath acute than the 1000R of antecedent G9 panels. But for angel quality, this OLED booty on the ultrawide affair absolutely assault those earlier G9 panels away. Authority that anticipation while we accord with the broader speeds and feeds.

For refresh, you get 240Hz and the acknowledgment time is rated at 0.03ms, aloof like added QD-OLED monitors. Abounding awning accuracy is rated 250 nits, which afresh is identical to every added QD-OLED-based adviser we've seen. Hardly frustratingly, Samsung doesn't adduce best HDR brightness, although the console is DisplayHDR Accurate Atramentous 400.

For connectivity, you get DisplayPort, HDMI and mini HDMI, additional a USB hub with USB-C a USB-C interface. Agenda that the USB-C atrium is alone for the hub, it isn't a affectation interface and doesn't accept ability commitment either, which is a benevolence and article you ability apprehend to accept been befuddled in on this chic and amount of monitor.

On the body and engineering ancillary of things, well, this adviser is artlessly gorgeous. It looks ultra avant-garde and minimalist and feels actual accurately put together. The OLED console tech additionally agency that the console asylum can be cool thin.

(Image credit: Future)

That said, there are a brace of niggles. All the inputs are actual adamantine to get at, partly because you bung aggregate in alongside to the rear of the anatomy rather than at 90 degrees. But the affliction detail involves the ability supply. Firstly, it's an actually and you'd anticipate needlessly massive brick accustomed it alone outputs a almost bashful 220W. 

Even worse, it plugs into the aback of the affectation with the shonkiest butt adapter you could possibly imagine. It's like article off a 1980s boombox, it's a little camp and it feels like it's activity to be the antecedent of affluence of assurance claims bottomward the road.

Whatever, the capital adventure actuality is what this adviser is like to bold on and actuality the account is about all actual acceptable indeed. Indeed, it looks absolutely like Alienware 34 AW3423DWF and the Philips Evnia 34M2C8600, aloof on a beyond scale. And, yes, that includes the bright console coating, which does wonders for contrast.

This is the arch acquaintance that the advertising about HDR has continued promised, but ahead bootless to deliver.

On that note, there accept been some letters apropos the Alienware and Philips ablaze OLED monitors involving done out or blah atramentous tones in ablaze ambient light. The botheration is about that the colour of the OLED console itself is a bit blah and that becomes credible back there's lots of ablaze hitting the screen.

The OLED console does attending rather blah in acute ambient lighting conditions. (Image credit: Future)

Well, the aforementioned applies to this bigger Samsung model. In actual ablaze ambient ablaze conditions, it's absolutely astute and does backbite from the examination experience. But we are talking about awfully ablaze altitude which it's adamantine to brainstorm abounding gamers would voluntarily administer on themselves. For about all users, then, it's a non issue.

Instead, what you will apprehension is that this affair looks at atomic appealing befuddled all the time, which is not article you can say about OLED monitors with LG WOLED panels. Area LG panels dip appealing badly back you ablaze up best or all of the panel, there's about no arresting ABL or automated accuracy limiter nonsense to put up with on this Samsung monitor. And, if anything, it looks brighter than 250 nits abounding screen.

Skanky butt adapter and fiddly anchorage admission are a bit disappointing. (Image credit: Future)

That's a absolute benefaction for non-gaming applications. Adversity the accuracy bouncing about on the desktop back you accessible and abutting browser windows on those LG OLED monitors is appealing distracting. But there's none of that on this panel.

Of course, to that you can add absolute per-pixel lighting ascendancy and a lot added than 250 nits accuracy in HDR highlights. In truth, the absolute angel affection on action apparently isn't any bigger than the QD-OLED Alienware and Philips panels we've advised previously. But the added calibration of the 49-inch anatomy agency alone ramps up the abstract drama.

Put simply, this is the acquaintance that the advertising about HDR has continued promised, but ahead bootless to deliver. A absolute archetype is the underground bar arena in Cyberpunk 2077 with its aggregate of moody, aphotic atramentous tones and baking neon ablaze bars. It looks actually arch on the OLED G9.

Of course, with 240Hz brace and 0.03ms response, this adviser is asinine quick, too. So, yeah, this is a appealing aberrant gaming acquaintance overall. If we do accept doubts, well, they appear bottomward to the axiological anatomy agency and some of the accepted issues with the Samsung QD-OLED panel.

If you appetite nice brittle fonts, this isn't the adviser for you.

For starters, whether you'll like the 32:9 aspect is appealing personal. It's absolutely immersive, but it doesn't comedy able-bodied with all games, that's for sure. Aloof as a for instance, there are almost few amateur that absolutely accord you a added acreage of appearance with a 32:9 panel. Instead, the angel is continued at the sides. That's accurate of all online shooters and it's additionally accurate of best distinct amateur games, too.

The 1,440 pixel vertical resolution feels a little acute at this aerial end of the adviser market, too. And the pixel body isn't abundant for non-gaming tasks, either. If you appetite nice brittle fonts, this isn't the adviser for you, a actuality affronted by the non-standard subpixel blueprint of the QD-OLED panel.

(Image credit: Future)

As for worries about burn-in and angel retention, well, the board charcoal out to some degree. Some third affair testing has adumbrated that Samsung's QD-OLED console tech ability be hardly added affected than LG's WOLED panels. Time will tell, but Samsung does accept assorted acknowledgment measures, not atomic of which is cogent pixel overprovision. If you attending carefully at the edges of the panel, you can see absolutely a few pixels about the bend alfresco of the absolute arresting image, which allows Samsung to "shift" the angel periodically.

Buy if...

You appetite the ultimate OLED experience: A 34-inch ulrtrawide OLED adviser apparently makes added sense. But you can't altercate with the ballsy calibration of this 49-inch monster. it's a gaming acquaintance like no other.

Don't buy if...

You appetite an accomplished all-rounder: The 32:9 aspect arrangement isn't ideal for every game. Moreover, the characterless pixel body and non-standard subpixel anatomy doesn't accomplish for awfully brittle fonts on the desktop.

All of which agency that the Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G93SC is both unsurprising and appealing fantastic. It's unsurprising because it doesn't aberrate in achievement and angel affection agreement from added QD-OLED monitors. It's aloof the added calibration makes the end aftereffect alike added spectacular.

So, you could actual abundant accomplish the case for this actuality the best gaming acquaintance currently accessible from a PC monitor. It's absolutely stunning. It's additionally not absolutely as big-ticket as we'd feared. Annoyingly, we don't absolutely accept final pricing.

But it will absolutely be cheaper than its acute hub-equipped sibling, which goes for $2,199 in the US and £1,599 in the UK. That would accomplish the UK amount in accurate ambrosial appealing accustomed that the 34-inch OLED G8 is £1,299.

Speaking of which, the capital botheration with this huge 49-inch archetypal is the actuality of those 34-inch alternatives. The Alienware 34 AW3423DWF afresh biconcave to $899 on Amazon Prime day and, to be honest, we'd go for that over the OLED G9. But if you can allow it and you like the 32:9 aspect, well, we wouldn't accusation you. This is a amazing gaming screen.

The Verdict
Samsung Adventure OLED G9

Samsung has aloof aloft the bar for gaming monitors. The new Samsung Adventure OLED G9 G93SC takes its already outstanding QD-OLED console tech and stretches it out to ballsy 49-inch, 32:9 aspect proportions. The after-effects are appropriately stupendous. But we'd apparently still adopt the added boilerplate 21:9 alternatives.

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