Samsung's new gigantic 57-inch gaming adviser is basically two 4K monitors ancillary by ancillary and it's august

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9
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Samsung aloof appear its aberrant Adventure Neo G9, which is 57 inches of bifold 4K gaming celebrity that apparently won't fit on your desk. Added importantly, it's the aboriginal bifold UHD adviser with DisplayPort 2.1.

If you're activity a bit of deja vu, it's apparently because a while back, I had some time with Samsung's added massive ultrawide, the 49-inch Adventure OLED G9, at the Samsung offices in New York City. This time, instead of two 2K monitors burst together, we are ambidextrous with two 32-inch 4K monitors burst calm for a ridiculously 7,680 x 2,160 resolution. 

DisplayPort 2.1 allows for 240Hz at 8K, admitting AMD's high-end RDNA 3 GPUs are currently the alone ones with DP 2.1 support, admitting Nvidia RTX 40-series cards alone accept DP 1.4, so you'd be bound to aloof 120Hz at best resolution.

The aftereffect is a rather cutting yet occasionally immersive gaming experience. I approved Charge for Acceleration Absolved and got sucked into its apple of actionable artery antagonism admitting consistently afloat into cop cars. The amateur that will flash on this affair are annihilation with a abundant cockpit view, like Forza or Microsoft Flight Simulator.  

Again, aggravating to comedy a aggressive first-person ballista on a adviser this big and advanced can be awkward back the FOV tends to be all out of whack. I booted up some Courage 2, which was active off a Radeon RX 7900 XTX-powered PC, and I had to bond afterwards a few account back accomplishing 360-degree-axe swings fabricated me feel dizzy. Don't get me wrong, it looked great, and there's annihilation like seeing active cycle in 8K, but it's not the best way to comedy that accurate game. 

Currently, few amateur abutment 7,680 x 2,160 resolution, so my audience was somewhat limited. However, I can see myself accepting absent in Starfield or Armored Amount V for hours if and back both those amateur abutment 8K.

The Neo G9 has a added sleek-looking aback console than the OLED G9 and ditched the square-shaped angle for v-shaped legs, which feels added about bigger weight administration than artful choice. The admeasurement of the board I was application the adviser on was about 70 inches, and as you can see from the gallery, it takes up a lot of space. 

Another big aberration over the OLED G9 (aside from the size) is that Neo G9 uses Samsung's Breakthrough Mini LED instead of OLED. Now, while you lose out on an OLED panel's admirable account affection and superspeed, you accomplish it up with a bigger all-embracing aiguille accuracy of 1,000 nits and don't accident burn-in. Contempo gaming OLED gaming monitors accept been belled for blah aiguille brightness, and if you're application this affair for alteration assignment and gaming, the accuracy helps. 

Screen queens

(Image credit: Future)

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Samsung autonomous out of including its gaming and media hub in this display, which lets you install and run apps on the adviser like one of its Acute TVs as it did with one of the models of the 49-inch Adventure OLED G9 we reviewed. It additionally doesn't accept speakers, so you'll accept to advance in headphones or a nice soundbar. It has HDMI 2.1 ports, so you can bung in your Xbox Alternation X and PlayStation and comedy amateur at 4K 120Hz. 

The adviser feels added like future-proofing back you'll charge able-bodied accouterments to comedy annihilation at 4K/240Hz or 8K/120Hz/60Hz. This could be a actual appetizing advance for $2500, which is alone a few hundred dollars added big-ticket than the Samsung Adventure OLED G9. 

To that end, VP of Artefact Administration David Phelps told PC Gamer that the Neo G9 "lands area the trends are branch for gaming monitors – beyond screens with ultra-high resolution" and that DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity pushes "the banned of gaming and affectation technology.”

The Adventure Neo G9 retails for $2,500, and pre-orders are accessible as of now at Samsung. As far as a address date is concerned, Samsung says that advice will be advancing soon. We've had one alien to the office, and you can analysis out our abounding analysis already we've put it through its paces. 

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