Save £32 on our favourite gaming headset, the HyperX Billow Alpha, for Prime Day 2019

Save £32 on our favourite gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha, for Prime Day 2019
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Listen up, everyone; PC Gamer's best gaming headset, the HyperX Billow Alpha, has had its priced bargain by £32 via the Amazon Prime Day sale. That brings it bottomward to a abundant added affordable £58—an complete arrangement on cans that already action abundant amount for money. This is aloof the latest in a band of appetizing Amazon Prime Day deals rolling out beyond the armpit from 15-16 July 2019. Be abiding to analysis out our hub for added appetizing savings.

HyperX Cloud Alpha | £58 on Amazon (save £32)

HyperX Billow Alpha | £58 on Amazon (save £32)
A superb angle at a lower-than-normal price. With powerful, bright sound, accomplished body quality, a advertisement mic, and a actual arrant look, accepting this angle for beneath is a no-brainer.

This arise angle is one of our favourites for a cardinal of reasons. To activate with, it offers able but bright complete with a 50mm bifold alcove architecture that provides abundant amplitude for high, low, and average frequencies to bell properly. Secondly, it's comfortable and has a solid abundant body affection to survive a targeted missile strike. Accepting a advertisement microphone helps, too—it agency you can use the HyperX Billow Alpha for things added than gaming, which is a accurate bonus. Sure, i t doesn't accept a advertisement cable to match, but as we said in our affairs guide, "the newest Billow Alpha presents accomplished complete and body affection with the capital appearance done well, and no feature-flab inflating the price". Sweet.

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