Save £100 on this 144Hz, 1ms MSI Optix 27” arced adviser for gaming

Save £100 on this 144Hz, 1ms MSI Optix 27” curved monitor for gaming

Fancy a acceptable accord to bang off your Friday? The MSI Optix MAG27C 27" 144HZ abounding HD arced adviser is currently on auction at Ebuyer for a rather dank £268.98. That’s a abridgement of £100 from its abounding £370 retail price, and it’s additionally the cheapest we’ve apparent it in the UK. You can’t go far amiss with a cast like MSI, either. They arguably accomplish some of the best gaming monitors. And yes, it’s Freesync compatible.

MSI Optix MAG27C 27" 144HZ full HD curved monitor | £268.98 (£100 off)

MSI Optix MAG27C 27" 144HZ abounding HD arced adviser | £268.98 (£100 off)
This is a abundant amount for a arced adviser with a 144Hz brace amount and 1ms acknowledgment time, abnormally back it’s got £100 agape off. Grab it from Ebuyer afore it’s gone.

Judging by its specs, this is a solid all-rounder. 144Hz brace amount isn’t bad by any means, and 1ms acknowledgment time will accomplish for buttery bland gameplay. Actuality arced is addition benefit (we about acquisition it added immersive, and the examination bend is better), and 27” is a admirable admeasurement for a desktop screen. It looks athletic abundant to be alone from orbit, too, and as addition who’s had problems with thin, fluctuant adviser bases before, that gets a thumbs up from me.

If you’d rather burst out on an all-singing, all-dancing ultra-HD screen, analysis out our adviser to the best 4K adviser for gaming.

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