Secretlab Magnus, the gaming board with RGB stylings, is now accessible in Australia

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk from various angles with RGB enabled
(Image credit: Secretlab)

Secretlab appealing abundant dominates our account of the best gaming chairs, which would advance they've baffled that form. What does a aggregation specializing in chairs do afterwards they've nailed the (not so) apprehensive chair? Well, if you've got a chair, you apparently appetite to be built-in on it at a desk. So you accomplish a desk.

Enter the Secretlab Magnus, which Jacob wrote about aback in April. It's a appealing absorbing affair: it's fabricated of metal, it has RGB lighting, and some chic cable management. It additionally has magnets, which is nice. Afterwards a bit of a adjournment authoritative it bottomward under, the Secretlab Magnus is now accessible in Australia for a minimum of AU$599

Minimum, because you can accessorize this affair with altered "magpad" board mats which, as the name implies, are magnetized. They're basically aloof the aforementioned as what you get with the abject model, alone with cast logos. Do you adulation Cloud9 or Aggregation Aqueous abundant to angle out an added AU$100? You can do that. You can additionally buy added cable administration accoutrement like anchors and sheaths.

The board is 1.5 metres wide—if you're afterwards article smaller, a 1.2 accent archetypal will be accessible at some bearding point in the future.

Shaun Prescott

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