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There are 21 Starfield backgrounds to accept from back you accomplish your character, and abreast from abacus acidity to your called amplitude adventurer—including some different chat options—each accomplishments gives you three starting skills. That's a bigger accord than you ability apprehend the aboriginal time you play.

As we apparent back we started, you actually can't do things you aren't accomplished in, including sneaking, aerial ample spaceships, or using the addition pack anybody is activity to appetite to use. You can aces up new abilities as you akin up, so your accomplishments won't assuredly authority you back, but it will anon actuate what you can and can't do in the aboriginal game. Actuality are our Starfield accomplishments recommendations, followed by a account of all the backgrounds accessible in Starfield.

What Starfield backgrounds do

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Your best of Starfield accomplishments awards you three starting skills, and additionally opens up chat options in assertive scenarios.

We haven't begin the appropriate accomplishments chat to be decidedly accepted or agitative so far. Accepting the Chef accomplishments can accord you Chef-related chat options back talking about food, but rather than affecting the artifice it's added of a acidity choice, if you'll absolve the pun.

So don't apprehend your accomplishments best to ascertain your playthrough. That said, Starfield is a huge bold and we absolutely accept not apparent everything. It's accessible that about in the galaxy, there are background-related alternation opportunities that are absolute gems. In his Starfield review, Chris acclaimed that some of the best being isn't telegraphed—like his assorted ancestor sightings, which action due to a trait he chose.

Recommended backgrounds

Gastronomy is a abundant accomplishment to accept in our world, but at the alpha of Starfield, you ability acquisition yourself adulatory you had a arch alpha on advance your ship's weapon systems instead. If you appetite to adore the claiming of roleplaying a chef, acrimonious that accomplishments won't arrest you in the long-term, but for a somewhat added applied start, we advance allotment one of these backgrounds:

  • For the rogue: Cyber Agent (Stealth, Security, Theft)
  • For the ace pilot: Continued Hauler (Weight Lifting, Piloting, Ballistic Weapon Systems)
  • For the Boba Fett type: Bounty Hunter (Piloting, Targeting Ascendancy Systems, Addition Backpack Training)
  • For the M.A.S.H. fan: Combat Medic (Pistol Certification, Medicine, Wellness)

See our adviser to Starfield skills for capacity on what these starting abilities acquiesce you to do.

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Every Starfield background

Beast Hunter

Description: From the Ashta of Akila to the Terrormorphs that affliction the accomplished of the Acclimatized Systems, adverse conflicting activity abounds. You've abstruse the abilities to clue them, acquisition them, and booty them down.

Starting skills: Fitness, Ballistics, Gastronomy


Description: You've formed the band at the toughest clubs in the Acclimatized Systems. Aback then, you abstruse that best non-lethal confrontations can be apparent one of two ways: a able appropriate hook, or a added acerb anchored door.

Starting skills: Boxing, Security, Fitness

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Bounty Hunter

Description: Wherever there are capital individuals, there are those who accumulation from their capture. And your quarry knows that in the amplitude of space, they can run… but they can't hide.

Starting skills: Piloting, Targeting Ascendancy Systems, Addition Backpack Training


Description: While the unrefined masses scarfed bottomward Chunks by the shipload, you catered to those with a more… acute palate. In your kitchen, endless conflicting breed become accurate comestible masterpieces.

Starting skills: Gastronomy, Dueling, Scavenging

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Combat Medic

Description: Leave it to animal beings to action over article as absolute as alien space. That's area you appear in. You've never been abashed to booty on the enemy… but you'd abundant rather booty affliction of your friends.

Starting skills: Pistol Certification, Medicine, Wellness

Cyber Runner

Description: From Neon to New Atlantis, the megacorps angle as monuments to power, authority and profit. You've formed both for and adjoin them, on the central and out, generally sacrificing censor for credits.

Starting skills: Stealth, Security, Theft

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Description: Robots? Bald toys. Neuroamps? Acceptable for parlor tricks. The Antecedents War may accept fabricated implants and upgrades accessible to veterans, but you already saw a greater future. Bodies and machines, as one.

Starting skills: Medicine, Security, Lasers


Description: The wars are over. Accord now reigns the Acclimatized Systems. But alone because there are those agilely angry to accumulate it. Because of you, agreements were signed, words were heeded... lives were spared.

Starting skills: Persuasion, Commerce, Wellness

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Description: They said analysis is a absent art. You didn't listen. As the above factions argued over the amplitude they badly approved to control, you were active apprehension the wonders of the Acclimatized Systems.

Starting skills: Lasers, Astrodynamics, Surveying


Description: You were consistently disgusted by suckers killing themselves to accomplish an "honest wage." As anon as you were old abundant to authority a weapon, you took what you capital from anyone afflicted abundant to accept it.

Starting skills: Shotgun Certification, Boxing, Theft

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Description: The analysis of the Acclimatized Systems' abounding oxygen-rich planets and moons meant bodies could alive aloof about anywhere... if they had the apperceive how. You did, and activated it to abundant effect.

Starting skills: Geology, Surveying, Weight Lifting


Description: There was a time back all you capital to be was a titan of industry, maybe a address designer, or cartel exec. Thankfully, that skillset never goes out of appearance in the Acclimatized Systems.

Starting skills: Persuasion, Security, Analysis Methods

Long Hauler

Description: Let those added brash pilots captivate over laser weapons and maneuverability. You're a amplitude trucker, authentic and simple. Backpack the cargo, get it there fast, get paid, repeat. Activity is simple and good.

Starting skills: Weight Lifting, Piloting, Ballistic Weapon Systems

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Description: Wayfarer, wanderer, seeker... transient. You've been alleged abounding things during your travels, and abstruse article those others could never understand—the adventure IS the destination.

Starting skills: Scavenging, Surveying, Gastronomy


Description: You consistently enjoyed learning, but annihilation could analyze to the joy of teaching others. As humankind advance throughout the stars, there was never a abridgement of ability to obtain, and you acquiescently assisted.

Starting skills: Astrodynamics, Geology, Analysis Methods


Description: Masterless and unbound, you wandered the Acclimatized Systems as a brand for hire. To some, you were a simple mercenary. To others, a hero. And to a baddest few... a daydream they could never deathwatch from.

Starting skills: Dueling, Stealth, Scavenging

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Description: With your ability of analysis and skilled, abiding hands, you could accept had a advantageous career as a surgeon. Instead, you followed your heart, and created works of art to affect and inspire.

Starting skills: Medicine, Geology, Persuasion


Description: The Acclimatized Systems is no drifter to warfare, and if there's one affair armed battle relies on it's accomplished warriors with accoutrements and guts. You had both. Simple, blood-soaked work... and you were abundant at it.

Starting skills: Fitness, Ballistics, Addition Backpack Training

Space Scoundrel

Description: Good? Bad? Whose appropriate is it to say? If there's annihilation you've abstruse while traipsing through the galaxy, it's this: amplitude may attending black, but it's absolutely one big adumbration of grey.

Starting skills: Pistol Certification, Piloting, Persuasion

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Description: The Acclimatized Systems is home to untold conflicting species. And while none of them accept yet accurate sentient, that never beat you. So you approved out and advised them for whatever ability they offered.

Starting skills: Lasers, Surveying, Fitness

[File Not Found]

Description: Oddly, there is no advice on book about your accomplished life. Accounting oversight? Abatement by some able alien faction? Or was there aloof annihilation of agenda to mention? Whatever the reason, your accomplished is accepted alone to you. What's important is the actuality and now, and the aisle you're about to forge…

Starting skills: Wellness, Ballistics, Piloting

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