Nope, not a bug: Starfield's burghal maps aloof attending like that

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My mom afresh showed me that you can aces a point on Pikmin 4's map and again columnist a button to acknowledgment to the bold with your appearance attractive in that direction—a alluringly acceptable feature. Nintendo absolutely has a adroitness for designing in-game maps. Bethesda, however… well, we all accept our strengths and weaknesses, don't we?

Among all the acclaim and added commentary, "bad maps" has emerged as a accepted Starfield criticism as players accomplish their aboriginal excursions into alien space. The starmaps aren't actual exciting, but it's absolutely the apparent maps that are the ambition here. They're rendered as topographical point fields, which looks array of cool, but communicates little, abnormally in cities, area barrio and streets aren't represented at all. To allegorize how bare of advice they are, the map aloft represents the burghal of New Atlantis, which looks like this from the ground:

(Image credit: Bethesda)

We've all played abundant GTAs or the like to apprehend at atomic a basal artery map, so back he started alive on his Starfield review, Chris analytic wondered if the maps were ashamed or something—nah, that's aloof how they are.

Others accept had the aforementioned feeling: A Reddit post with over 3,000 upvotes compares a Skyrim boondocks map, which illustrates walkways and buildings, with one of Starfield's burghal maps, which mainly illustrates that dots can be abiding to anatomy a grid. The affiche doesn't charge to busy to accomplish their point.

There's article to be said for not over-feeding players with directions, though. Some amateur acclimated to belittle at the abstraction of in-game maps: they came in the box, printed on cloth, or you drew them yourself. I've heard from the Starfield players at PC Gamer that award your way about the cities isn't that hard, if you pay absorption to the so-so signage—which isn't to say they're annoyed with the maps, aloof that the maps aren't their better complaint.

Some on Reddit additionally acicular out that, actually, Skyrim's maps additionally suck, although that's conceivably not the best aegis of Starfield's maps. The growing cilia includes a mix of opinions, from shrugs to absolute exasperation.

"For me this is the best arrant botheration in this game, decidedly back accompanying with how abundant fast traveling you do," wrote one player. "The cities BADLY charge maps. I spent 45 account attractive for a gun abundance because the maps banned to acquaint me if one existed, and back I capital to see area one was application the in bold directories (which are immersive in concept) they aloof told me there’s one in a assertive district. I would alike be accomplished with defective to use the directories to acquisition things, aloof accord me article absolute that shows me area I accept to go for casework and to see things."

Skyrim's in boondocks map 12 years ago vs starfields. from r/Starfield

I've aloof started Starfield, so I don't apperceive area I alone angle on the affair yet, but it is sorta funny to brainstorm that the approaching won't accommodate one of the best accepted present day technologies: the artery maps we use on our phones all the time. Maybe we got annoyed of Google and Angel alive area we are at all times and chose to cede the accessibility of GPS to put an end to it? Acceptable for us, if so.


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