Starfield crafting and analysis guide: how to alleviate and accomplish new items

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Crafting and analysis are key to your chance in Starfield, and admitting they can be a little overwhelming, already you accept how it all works they're appealing simple systems. By accomplishing analysis to alleviate new items and mods, and again crafting them application assets calm out in space, you can accretion a absolute bend over all the Spacers and added dangers in the game. 

The analysis lab

A screenshot of a computer terminal in the Research Lab of the Lodge in Starfield.

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To get started accomplishing analysis in Starfield, the aboriginal footfall is to acquisition a analysis lab. You'll acquisition one of these little computer consoles in the spaceship you alpha with, but I acquisition the best abode to go is the Abode in New Atlantis. You can fast biking there with ease, and there's a admirable bureaucracy for all your analysis and crafting needs in the basement. 

Alternatively, you ability appetite to body yourself a little den of science at one of your outposts—check out our Starfield beginning guide for added advice on that. 

Research categories


A screenshot showing the Performance Enhancement I research project in Starfield.

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Learn how to accomplish new drugs and medical supplies. Actual advantageous if you adulation stacking buffs on yourself.

Food and Drink

A screenshot showing the Old Earth Cuisine I research project in Starfield.

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Learn how to accomplish commons that can restore bloom and accommodate added buffs. I've begin this one the atomic useful, as there are usually bigger aid items to be begin in Pharmacology—but again I do accept Conflicting DNA which makes aliment beneath able for me, so maybe it's aloof me…

Outpost Development

A screenshot showing the Manufacturing I research project in Starfield.

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Learn how to accomplish new barrio that can be placed at your outposts. Actual advantageous if you intend to go big on architecture bases. Aces projects anxiously depending on the affectionate of architecture you like to do—for example, some barrio are absolutely cosmetic, while others accept specific advantageous functions.


A screenshot showing the Helmet Mods 1 research project in Starfield.

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Learn how to accomplish new advancement mods for your helmet, spacesuit, and addition pack. These are accessible for accretion things like your oxygen and addition backpack capabilities, but you'll acquisition Ammunition has a bigger appulse on what you can get abroad with in combat.


A screenshot showing the Barrel Mods 1 research project in Starfield.

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Learn how to accomplish new advancement mods for your guns. Calmly the best important one, I've found—you'll acquisition yourself in gunfights all the time, and mods will accredit you not alone to accomplish your weapons added powerful, but additionally abuse them to your adopted playstyle with things like scopes and silencers.

Click through to one of these categories, and you'll ascertain a account of projects accessible to be researched. Anniversary covers assorted new items—Barrel Mods I beneath Weaponry, for example, unlocks new butt mod options for all the altered accoutrements in the game. 

How to research

A screenshot of the Research Lab interface in Starfield, showing the different research categories and current research in progress.

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To analysis a activity aural a category, you aloof charge to bang on it and augment the accordant assets into it from your inventory. Helmet Mods 1, for example, requires three Tungsten, two Cosmetic, and three Polymer. Pay the cost, and the activity is complete—you don't accept to delay for it to accomplishment or annihilation like that.

Sometimes you won't alike accept to pay the abounding cost. Back you complete a accurate ability requirement, there's a adventitious of accepting an "overflow" bonus, which automatically fills out some of the added ability requirements of the activity for free. Application that Helmet Mods 1 example, if you handed over the three Tungsten, and got an overflow, it ability accord you the two Corrective for free. This agency that alike if you don't accept all the assets you charge to complete a project, as continued as you accept abundant for one or two steps, it may be account agriculture them in anyhow for a adventitious at not absolutely defective the $.25 you're missing afterwards all. 

Research skills

Past the antecedent set, best analysis projects are gated by your Starfield skills. Unfortunately, unlocking them isn't as accessible as aloof auctioning credibility in one science-based skill—each class of analysis demands a altered class of skill, and advanced in them all can beggarly advance a lot of points, abnormally as you charge to rank them up added to do added ambitious projects.

The abilities accordant to analysis are the following:

Chemistry (Science)

Determines what Pharmacology projects you can complete. It may booty you a while to get this one—it requires eight credibility invested in Science abilities afore you can alike alpha putting credibility in Chemistry. 

Gastronomy (Social)

Determines what Aliment & Alcohol projects you can complete. This is an accessible one to get—it's accessible after any added advance in Amusing skills, and abounding backgrounds alpha with it already picked. It's annoying, however, that it isn't in the Science tree, because it agency that credibility invested actuality aren't accepting you any afterpiece to added accordant analysis and crafting skills.

Outpost Engineering (Science)

Determines what Beginning Development projects you can complete. Like Chemistry, this one requires eight credibility in Science, so if architecture bases is your capital focus in Starfield, my admonition is to advance aboriginal and generally in this accomplishment category. 

Spacesuit Architecture (Science)

Determines what Accessories projects you can complete. Alone four credibility in Science abilities are bare to get to this one, so it's a acceptable one to grab aboriginal on.

Weapon Engineering (Science)

Determines what Ammunition projects you can complete. Like Spacesuit Design, it's alone four credibility abysmal in the Science tree—for the appulse it'll accept on combat, that makes it able-bodied account taking. 

Research Methods (Science)

While this accomplishment doesn't aboideau any of your analysis projects, it's still account because because it makes them cheaper. If you're disturbing with award abundant assets for your projects, it's a acceptable pick, but alone if you're blessed to rank it up to max ASAP—the aboriginal bonuses are absolutely small, but by rank four you're spending 60% beneath assets and accepting overflow bonuses alert as often. 

The alone added affair to agenda with these abilities is that levelling up in Starfield isn't as simple as aloof allotment points—once you accept your aboriginal rank in a skill, you accept to complete a claiming to alleviate the adeptness to beforehand to the abutting rank. In the case of these skills, however, that usually aloof agency crafting a assertive bulk of items, so as continued as you're absolutely authoritative the being your analysis is unlocking, you should be able to accumulate up. Speaking of crafting…

Starfield crafting guide

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Once you've researched some projects, it's time to about-face approach into activity and absolutely ability some of the aliment you've unlocked. Again, the absolute abode to do this is the Lodge, because it has all the crafting stations accessible for you in one allowance in the basement, and you can aloof fast biking there whenever you like. Some ships do accept crafting stations—the starting address has a Galley area you can accomplish food, for example—but I'm yet to acquisition one with the complete suite, and admitting you can body crafting stations at your beginning for a added home-made feel, it can (ironically) booty a while to alleviate them all and accumulate the assets bare to accomplish them.

Speaking of outposts—though beginning barrio are fabricated application resources, they're not absolutely crafted at a crafting station. You aloof plonk them bottomward in body approach back you're managing your outpost. 

The crafting stations at your auctioning include:

Cooking Base (or Galley)

Used to ability aliment and drink. One affair to be accurate of at this base is that abounding commons use as their capacity added items that can be eaten or bashed in their own right. An Conflicting Sandwich, for example, requires bread, but you can aloof eat aliment on its own if you prefer, so accomplish abiding you're not affable abroad annihilation you'd rather bite on raw. Or put on affectation at your outpost, I suppose.

Industrial Workbench

A Starfield player character looking at an Industrial Workbench in a research lab.

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Used to about-face raw assets like metals into added specific items such as wire and architecture frames, which can again be acclimated for analysis projects, added crafting, or authoritative beginning buildings. It can be a little ambagious to apperceive what you charge from here—my admonition is to alone accomplish being already you apperceive absolutely what you need, rather than bushing your account with Adaptive Frames and again advertent you accept no use for them.

Pharmaceutical Lab

Used to ability drugs and medical supplies, for befitting yourself in aristocratic shape—or bigger than tip-top, if you allow in performance-enhancers. 

Spacesuit Workbench

Used to ability and install mods for your spacesuit, helmet, and addition pack. Artlessly bang on the accordant object, and you'll be taken to a account of altered mod types that can be activated to it—from there, you can accomplish and administer them.

Weapons Workbench

A Starfield screenshot of the mod selection interface for a silenced sniper rifle.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Used to ability and install mods for your guns. Aloof like spacesuit modding, all you charge to do is bang on a gun, aces a class for that gun (such as barrel, scope, or stock), and you'll be presented with the accordant options accessible for crafting. Accumulate in apperception that altered accoutrements accept altered mod slots, and altered mods that can be placed in those slots. Not every gun can accept a laser sight, for example, and you can't change an Old Apple Hunting Rifle's stock.

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