The best ships in Starfield you can get for free

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Starfield ships can be pricy, but the acceptable new is that some of the best ships are absolutely ones you can get for free. Some of these chargeless ships are so acceptable you won't charge to anytime alter them. And you're not ashore with these models as-is: Application Starfield's address building, you can add added burden amplitude and ammunition to accomplish them alike better.

The Frontier, your aboriginal chargeless ship, is altogether able of administration all sorts of being in the aboriginal several hours, but you'll eventually acquisition it lacks accumulator amplitude and backbone in amplitude battles. If you appetite to adapt your accessory and body outposts, you'll charge a lot added accumulator than the Borderland can offer. Plus, the missions you charge to complete for the chargeless ships are fun to do regardless.

I'd acclaim cat-and-mouse until you've spent 6 to 12 hours in Starfield afore acrimonious one of these up. Some of the missions could be boxy if you're low level, and it takes some time to apperceive absolutely what you're attractive for in a ship. Already you've done that, analysis out the account beneath and accept which one you appetite to go and collect.

The Razorleaf 

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Mission: MANTIS (gained from annexation "Secret Outpost!" from Spacer enemies)
Type: Chic A ship
Crew: 2
Fuel: 140
Hull: 469
Cargo: 420 / Shielded capacity: 160

The Razorleaf is basically Starfield's Batmobile. It's a lean, high-damage address you get for commutual the MANTIS quest, which you can aces up from killing Spacers. Alone two crewmembers can fit in the Razorleaf and it lacks bags of burden space, but it's appreciably added able in address battles than your aboriginal ship, the Frontier.

Star Eagle 

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Mission: The Bang Avalanche (Freestar Forester band missions)
Type: Class A ship
Crew: 5
Fuel: 140
Hull: 948
Cargo: 2280 / Shielded capacity: None

The Brilliant Hawkeye is apparently the best counterbalanced chargeless address in Starfield. Compared to the Frontier, it has endless of burden amplitude for stashing materials, and it can authority bristles aggregation associates at once. It'll handle amplitude battles aloof accomplished with its ultra able missiles. As continued as you're accommodating to advice the Freestar Rangers out on Akila, this address should aftermost for your absolute aboriginal playthrough.

UC Bastille Shuttle 

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Mission: Echoes of the Accomplished (Crimson Agile band mission)
Type: Chic A ship
Crew: 1
Fuel: 200
Hull: 418
Cargo: 1090 / Shielded capacity: None

Not every chargeless address is a winner. The UC Bastille Shuttle serves its purpose in the Blood-soaked Agile mission area you use it, but as a circadian disciplinarian it's not decidedly impressive. You'll charge to arch into the address architect to transform it into added than a amplitude bus with no weapons.  I'd assort the UC Bastille Shuttle as a collector's account rather than article you'd realistically assurance to accumulate you animate in space.

 Kepler R 

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Mission: Overdesigned (after finishing Aerial Amount to Pay)
Type: Chic C ship
Crew: 6
Fuel: 2800
Hull: 999
Cargo: 3550 / Shielded capacity: None

Say accost to the best chargeless address for hoarders in Starfield. The Kepler R can backpack endless of being and isn't bad in a action either. But there's a catch: The Kepler R is a little catchy to obtain, and it requires you to max out your Aerodynamics in the Tech accomplishment tree.

Your Afterlife buddy, Walter Stroud, will accelerate you on a mission alleged Overdesigned afterwards you've met him in the capital story. To accomplishment the mission with the Kepler R instead of the weaker Kepler S ship, you charge to canyon a alignment analysis and be accommodating to allocution a address artist into authoritative it.

Here's what you charge to do to get the Kepler R:

  • Persuade Jules by selecting the "We can body whatever want…" option, again "We charge to go big or go home…"
  • Finish the compensation and escort missions 
  • Tell Jules "Let's try teambuilding…" 
  • Have the aggregation echo positive "I…" statements 
  • Jules will acquaint you the aggregation is motivated 
  • Return to Walter Bolt and again go berth and lath your new address in the Bolt Eklundd Staryard abreast Dalvik (Narion system)  

Kepler S

Via YouTube (Image credit: Blood-soaked Flyboy / Bethesda)

Mission: Overdesigned (available afterwards finishing Aerial Amount to Pay)
Type: Chic B ship
Crew: 3
Fuel: 400
Hull: 689
Cargo: 3200 / Shielded capacity: None

The weaker alternative of the Kepler address from Walter Stroud's Overdesigned mission isn't great. It has a ample bulk of burden space, but it's aloof worse than the Kepler R in every way. You will be able this address if the architecture aggregation fails to accede with anniversary other. To get it, aloof do the adverse of the accomplish aloft by aiming for a low account and absolution the aggregation flounder.


(Image credit: Chris L. / Bethesda)

Mission: N/A, acquired by advanced through the bold with the Kid Being trait
Type: Chic A ship
Crew: 2
Fuel: 200
Hull: 502
Cargo: 800 / Shielded capacity: None

Starfield's Kid Being affection armament you to accelerate money home to your parents as you comedy the game, but additionally rewards you with a chargeless ship. Appointment your parents in New Atlantis generally abundant and eventually your ancestor will acknowledgment acceptable a address from a agenda bold and accord it to you. It's technically the easiest chargeless address to get, but cipher knows what prompts your dad to allocution about it.

The Wanderwell is absolutely the affectionate of address that addition would win from a agenda game. It's alone boilerplate in every respect. It'll get you about the galaxy with its 27-lightyear jump range, and it'll accomplish able-bodied in action with a 28 ballistics stat. But you'll charge to do a lot of assignment to get this affair to attempt with Starfield's added chargeless ships.

Spoilers beneath for what happens back you accomplishment Starfield's capital story

(Image credit: Tyler C. / Bethesda)

Starborn Guardian 

(Image credit: Chris L. / Bethesda)

Mission: One Behemothic Bound (Earned by starting New Bold )
Type: Chic A ship
Crew: 5
Fuel: 1500
Hull: 649
Cargo: 950 / Shielded capacity: 150

Starfield rewards you with one of the best ships in the bold already you access New Bold . You charge to accomplishment all the capital adventure missions and alpha the bold afresh to deathwatch up in this able ship. You can't adapt it, but it comes with abundantly able ammunition and a solid bulk of burden capacity. Finishing the bold up to six added times will accolade you with more bigger versions of it.

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