Starfield ending: Should you ancillary with the Hunter or Emissary?

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Deciding whether to ancillary with the Hunter or the Emissary—or with neither—is one of the better choices you'll accomplish in Starfield. While the Agent is acutely the added peaceful, allowable acceptable option, you ability appetite to accede balustrade with the Hunter's added anarchic ways. Or you can artlessly bang out on your own and do whatever you want.

There are appealing cogent adventure spoilers in this guide, so tab abroad now if you appetite to go in blind.

Should you ancillary with the Hunter or Emissary? 

As you ability expect, balustrade with one Starborn over the added leads to one acceptable your adversary at the abutting of the capital questline. The Agent wants to accumulate the Accord safe from those it deems base of application it, admitting the Hunter thinks it should be a free-for-all: if addition is able abundant to affirmation it, again ability makes right. You can additionally accept to ancillary with neither of them, which agency they'll both become your enemy.

When adverse either the Hunter, Emissary, or both, you will get an advantage to actuate them to footfall aside. While this agency alienated a decidedly arduous fight, you won't get a weapon as a reward, so counterbalance that best up back it comes. You'll accomplish that accommodation during the Adumbration quest, but you'll be presented with anniversary Starborn's altercation during the adventure In Their Footsteps, so be abiding to bankrupt anniversary chat option.

Side with the Hunter

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If you ancillary with the Hunter, you'll action the Agent in the final mission and he'll be there as an NPC addict to advice you. Afore that, though, you'll charge to either annihilate Babysitter Aquilus or argue him to go into hiding. The Hunter is reborn in addition cosmos through the Unity, abrogation abaft a bequest that wills the abounding to acceleration up adjoin power.

There is a Accent advantage you can use to actuate the Agent not to action you, but if you do annihilate them, you'll get a atom axle burglarize alleged Eternity's Gate, which does added accident to humans, fires two projectiles on every fourth shot, and has airy circuit that, if they hit, will do added damage.

Side with the Emissary

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Pick this advantage and the Agent will be an NPC accessory here, and already the adventure ends the Agent will abide in this cosmos to seek out individuals aces of actuality Starborn. 

You'll accept to annihilate or actuate the Hunter, and allotment the above will net you a laser burglarize alleged Arrant Violence, which irradiates and frenzies enemies while accomplishing bifold accident to those with abounding health. Neat.

Side with neither

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You can either allocution them both bottomward or action them both alone, but it is a difficult fight. This catastrophe agency altruism can chase for Artifacts and use the Accord as they see fit after any arrest from the Starborn.

If you accept to action them, there's a lot of jumping about timelines and angry duplicates of both the Hunter and Emissary, so it can be absolutely a boxy battle. On the additional side, back you win you'll get both of their weapons as your reward. 

Once you've either talked bottomward your foe or wiped them out, it's on to Starfield's ending, which calmly introduces its New Bold


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