Starfield outposts: how to set up your ideal home in space

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The best affair about Starfield outposts is that you will be architecture them in the far alcove of space, area Preston Garvey can never bug you about a adjustment that needs advice anytime again. That said, you still charge to body the thing, and that's area this adviser comes in—everything you charge to apperceive about your home abroad from home.

While your barrio will acutely charge to be able to bear the potentially adverse atmosphere of the planet you accept to set up abject on, that doesn't beggarly that you charge to scrimp on the appliance or decorations. Of course, outposts accept a actual applied purpose too, acceptance you to abundance the planet's resources, set up analysis stations, or artlessly accord you added accumulator space.

With that in mind, here's how to body your actual own Starfield outpost, and what you charge to do to alleviate it.

 Starfield outposts: How they work 

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To body an beginning in Starfield, you're activity to charge abstracts like adamant and aluminum, initially, and these will accept to be purchased or gathered, again loaded up into your address for carriage to the beginning site. Already you accept one or added outposts chugging along, though, you'll be able to accept them accumulate assets passively.

Just be acquainted that not all assets bare for beginning architecture are accessible on every planet. So, back acrimonious a capital base, you apparently appetite about that has a lot of the best bare assets accessible locally. You can additionally accredit aggregation to your outpost, but you'll charge to body a Aggregation Base first.

If you absolutely appetite to get into architecture outposts in a big way, there are some abilities you may be absorbed in which you can rank up to get added benefits. One is from the Amusing annex of the accomplishment tree, the added three are from Science. 

Here are the outpost-related skills:

Outpost Administration (Social)

  • Rank 1: You can assemble bigger beginning modules and analysis added modules at a Analysis Lab.
  • Rank 2: You can analysis and assemble above beginning modules.
  • Rank 3: You can analysis and assemble cutting-edge beginning modules.
  • Rank 4: Outpost modules now amount 50% beneath assets to build.

 Outpost Administration (Science) 

  • Rank 1: Additional burden links can be placed at outposts.
  • Rank 2: Added robots can be complete at outposts.
  • Rank 3: Additional aggregation can be assigned at outposts.
  • Rank 4: Beginning extractors aftermath alert as fast.

 Planetary Address (Science)

  • Rank 1: You can body outposts on planets with acute temperatures (Deep Benumb and Inferno). Access the best cardinal of outposts you can body by four.
  • Rank 2: You can body outposts on planets with acute pressure. Access the best cardinal of outposts you can body by eight.
  • Rank 3: You can body outposts on planets with baneful or acerb atmospheres. Access the best cardinal of outposts you can body by 12.
  • Rank 4: You can body outposts on planets with acute gravity. Access the best cardinal of outposts you can body by 16.

 Research Methods (Science)

  • Rank 1: Assets appropriate to ability items and complete analysis projects is bargain by 10%.
  • Rank 2: Assets appropriate to ability items and complete analysis projects is bargain by 20%.
  • Rank 3: Assets appropriate to ability items and complete analysis projects is bargain by 40%.
  • Rank 4: Sudden developments during analysis are alert as common. Assets appropriate to ability items and complete analysis projects is bargain by 60%.

 How to alleviate and body your aboriginal outpost 

A player character stands on their ship, looking across their outpost on an alien grassland planet.

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You can body your aboriginal beginning actual aboriginal on in Starfield. In fact, back you access at the Abode on Jemison for the aboriginal time, you can allege to Vasco afterwards abutting Afterlife to apprentice about architecture outposts. 

Once you acquisition a planet you appetite to body your beginning on, columnist F to accessible the scanner, again R to abode the beacon. This basically acts as the abode you'll amount in whenever you acreage at your outpost, so it's apparently best not to accept it at the actual bend of a crater, on top of a gas vent, or annihilation abroad hazardous. Not that I did that, nope, actually not.

Once the alarm is placed, columnist Tab to baddest which bore to build. You can cross amid the altered categories with Z and C, and use your abrasion button to circle to bigger position them, afresh columnist E to body it back you're blessed with the placement. You can hit Tab afresh to adapt the adjustment of absolute barrio or actualize new ones.

Outpost architecture in Starfield is absolutely modular and allows you to breeze assorted pieces calm in assorted ways, and some modules alike accept assorted variants to accept from that serve the aforementioned function, acceptance you added ascendancy over the beheld artful of your outpost.

Don't balloon that abounding barrio or modules will charge ability to function. Anniversary bore displays the ability needed, and ability sources, such as the Solar Arrangement acquaint you how abundant ability they provide, so you charge to accomplish abiding you accept abundant to awning all of your buildings.

Starfield beginning modules: What you can build 

A Starfield outpost on a verdant planet, with visible windmills and storage containers.

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There are 10 altered categories of modules, buildings, and decorations to accept from. Actuality are the types of things you can apprehend to acquisition in each:

  • Extractors: Adequately self-explanatory, this is area you'll acquisition extractors to abundance resources.
  • Power: This contains annihilation accompanying to the bearing of ability for your modules, such as the Solar Array.
  • Storage: Anything storage-related. The Alteration Alembic is decidedly advantageous as you can abundance being from your account in there.
  • Structures: Now we're accepting to the acceptable stuff. This contains barrio acclimated as active quarters, science labs, greenhouses—pretty abundant any of the big barrio you'll need. Don't balloon the airlock!
  • Crafting: For workbenches, Analysis labs, and Affable Stations.
  • Defenses: Accumulate your beginning safe from amplitude pirates with a turret or two.
  • Furniture: Everything you could possibly charge to accouter your new home(s). From beds to cabinets, to refrigerators.
  • Decorations: Fancy a Bound Lath aloft your Analysis Lab? This is the class for you. Additionally includes, rugs, toilets, and anhydrate racks.
  • Displays: Sometimes you aloof appetite to appearance off your stuff. The racks begin actuality let you do aloof that.
  • Miscellaneous: Landing Pads, Aggregation Stations, and Browse Boosters. If you can acquisition it anywhere else, attending here.

 What to prioritise 

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What you should prioritise is activity to depend abundantly on how abundant focus you appetite to put on your outposts. If you're alone afterwards a bit of added storage, ambience up a Transfer Container gives you a massive bulk of added allowance to abundance stuff, but if you're planning on kitting out your beginning extensively, or architecture a arrangement of them on assorted planets, again you're activity to charge affluence of Extractors to abundance the assets needed. 

While I haven't begin a way to annul the Beginning Alarm already placed, all added barrio and modules can be removed—while giving you aback the resources—so you can agreement for yourself to a assertive degree.

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