Starfield amateur builds blasphemous spaceship absolutely out of hallways: 'I was apathetic with quests and absitively to address time to this'

starfield hallway ship
(Image credit: FLDJF713 on Reddit)

My forays into the Starfield address architect apparatus accept so far been utilitarian: a weapon advancement here, an added burden bay there, and maybe a few added windows so my aggregation doesn't accept to beam at white walls all day. Reddit user FLDJF713 has been on a altered mission: to assemble a blunder of a spaceship about absolutely out of hallways.

They alarm it the Alley Fighter 9000, and it appearance no beneath than 12 after "companionway" modules that, together, actualize a Z-shaped cruiser that requires an blasphemous bulk of time to navigate.

Before you ask, no, there is no cardinal absorbed abaft the design: "Oh yeah I was apathetic of quests and absitively to address time to this," replied the accursed address architect in a comment. 

Because I can. The Alley Fighter 9000. from r/Starfield

FLDJF713 artlessly capital to analysis the banned of Starfield's advancing address architect and auspiciously begin the edge, at atomic dimensionally. The Alley Fighter measures 39 meters advanced and 33 meters deep. Any best and it wouldn't fit on a landing pad. With the doors amid modules closed, FLDJF713 said it takes over a minute to airing from end to end.

Despite the Alley Fighter's absolutely abstract profile, it took some absolute assignment to put calm because you can't aloof breeze address pieces calm wherever you want. Starfield ships accept to canyon a flight analysis afore they're declared skyworthy, and that analysis has all sorts of minimum requirements and restrictions. You can't accept engines pointing the amiss way, for instance, block assertive assertive apparatus with abode modules, or skimp on basics like a landing accessory and loading bay. Authoritative your address too abundant additionally furnishings its administration in amplitude battles, admitting I'm abiding the Alley Fighter handles like a dream.

Not all address genitalia are created equal, either. Users in the comments said they haven't been able to accomplish agnate stretches of hallways after restrictions. FLDJF713 said it took a while to clue bottomward a specific "companionway" allotment that worked, and acclaimed that it can alone be purchased from a amplitude backyard alleged The Key. 

The restrictions in address architect can be a absolute pain, and the abridgement of a able tutorial doesn't advice either, but it's nice to see that Bethesda's architect will let you accomplish article absolutely abhorrent if you try adamantine enough.


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