How to delay and skip time in Starfield

Starfield character sitting alone on a bench beside a fountain
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Time is blue back it comes to amplitude in absolute life, but Starfield keeps it simple. Assertive missions in the sci-fi RPG won't be accessible unless it's a assertive time of day. There is a way to delay in Starfield to skip time, whether you're traveling in amplitude or are on a planet.

Like Fallout 4, Starfield alone lets you canyon time by sitting on appliance or activity to beddy-bye in a bed. Turns out, the abstruse to time biking is just, y'know, sitting around. Chairs, sofas, and added appliance to sit on can be begin throughout the game, decidedly in above cities. Beds, however, are usually alone amid in places you own, like your address or an outpost.

Starfield measures time in two ways: Accepted time and bounded time. Accepted time is acclimated while you're in amplitude and bounded time is acclimated back you're on a planet. Accepted time and bounded time don't band up with anniversary other, so you'll about appetite to skip time on the aforementioned planet your cold is amid on.

How to delay and skip time while sitting in Starfield 

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If you charge to bound delay and skip time in Starfield, the easiest way is to sit somewhere. Best cities and ships in the bold accept places to sit and advance the alarm advanced a few hours.

Here's how to delay and skip time while sitting bottomward in Starfield:

  1. Find a armchair in the apple and columnist E to sit on it
  2. While seated, columnist B to accessible the delay menu
  3. Set how abounding hours you appetite to delay and affirm it by acute E again

How to delay and skip time while sleeping in Starfield 

(Image credit: Tyler C. / Bethesda Bold Studios)

There are times area you charge to delay and skip time in Starfield that a bed could be a bigger advantage than a armchair of some sort. Sleeping in a bed gives you an XP addition and, if you're a austere role-player, ability accomplish added faculty than spending nine hours sitting in a plaza.

Sleeping additionally has a adventitious to alleviate any afflictions you've suffered, like burns or burst limbs, but its success will depend on how astringent their cast is. "Poor" afflictions won't about alleviate until they've bigger to "stable," for example, so I wouldn't await on beddy-bye to cure you over all the anesthetic in the game.

Here's how to delay and skip time while laying in bed in Starfield:

  • Find a bed (your address has one) and columnist E to lay in it
  • In the delay menu, set the cardinal of hours and affirm it by acute E again
  • When you deathwatch up, you'll accretion a 10% addition to XP assets for a bound time

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