Where to acquisition the Den in Starfield

Starfield where to find the Den - the bar at the Den
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If you're apprehensive where to acquisition the Den in Starfield, again it's acceptable you've got some hot appurtenances you appetite to get rid of on the down-low. If you acquisition yourself on the amiss ancillary of the law and appetite to accomplish some money from your ill-gotten gains, the Den is aloof one of the places you can do so. 

Attempting to access a acclimatized arrangement with ambiguous burden is activity to acreage you in hot baptize best of the time. Our adviser on how to advertise banned in Starfield is a acceptable abode to start, but if you're aloof attractive for this accurate area and charge advice canonizing which arrangement it's begin in, I've got you covered. With that in mind, here's area to acquisition the Den in Starfield.

Where to acquisition The Den in Starfield 

The Den is begin in the Wolf system, which is aloof aloft and to the appropriate of Alpha Centauri, orbiting a planet called Chthonia. You don't charge to acreage on the planet to admission the Den—simply fly close, columnist E back adverse the base if the advantage to berth doesn't appear up immediately, again esplanade your address and disembark.

Once inside, you'll acquisition a adequately grubby-looking spaceport. There's a bar here—so it's consistently advantageous attractive out for no-name mercenaries—as able-bodied as a Address artisan who can fix up or adapt your vessel. Best important though, is the Trade Authority sales counter, which you can acquisition to the larboard of the entrance, about overlooking the bar. Actuality you can offload whatever burden you want, in barter for credits, of course. 

The best affair about the Den is that your address won't be scanned back you get there, so there's no abhorrence of actuality arrested by the authorities if you've absitively to chase a less-than-virtuous aisle during your adventures in space.


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