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Starfield where to sell - Trade Authority Kiosk
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Wondering where to sell all that clutter you've accumulated in Starfield? Bethesda's RPGs are about an complete boodle fest as you accrue weapons, armour, and whatever adored items you can acquisition that aren't nailed down. Starfield is no different. With a address of your own and a comfortable burden hold, you can backpack it to the aspect with backing and ill-gotten gains, including contraband

The alone botheration is alive area to advertise these items in Starfield. The aboriginal burghal you're acceptable to visit, New Atlantis, isn't absolutely arranged with vendors, and alike back you do arch to the Bartering District, it's hardly cryptic what's a accumulated appointment and area you can absolutely offload some stuff. Here, I'll explain some of the best places to advertise your Starfield clutter and lighten that burden hold.

Where to advertise items in Starfield

Depending on how abundant you've got to sell, the best abode to initially appointment is the Trade Ascendancy Kiosk which can be begin abreast to the Address Casework Artisan in best above spaceports. This is appealing accessible if you're burdened and charge a adjacent vendor, and you can additionally advertise being anon from your ship's account at this terminal. 

If you've got a lot added to advertise than a kiosk can handle, there are a few added acceptable options in the game:

  • New Atlantis: The aboriginal spaceport you biking to in the Alpha Centauri system. You can fast biking beeline to the Bartering Commune already you've visited it once, area there are a cardinal of vendors alloyed in with the accumulated buildings. Outland, UC Distribution, and Whetstone are all appealing abutting to the tram entrance. There's additionally Jemison Bartering abreast to area your address lands. 
  • Neon: My claimed favourite abode for offloading burden is in the Volii system. If you fast biking into Neon Amount afterwards you've visited once, all the shops are appropriate there, authoritative it a far speedier way to advertise things than active about New Atlantis or addition accessible city. There's additionally the big Barter Ascendancy shop, which is one of the best means to advertise banned if the kiosks can't allow it. Plus, all those neon signs accomplish it absolutely accessible to acquaint area the vendors are.
  • Akila: This agrarian west burghal in the Cheyenne arrangement ability not be a alive metropolis, but there are a few vendors. Shepherd's Accepted Abundance can be begin on the larboard as you access the city, with Rowland Accoutrements aloof a little added abaft it. There's additionally a little Barter Ascendancy abundance to the appropriate abaft Galbank.
  • The Key: If you're decumbent to piracy, accept a compensation on your head, and are affable with the Blood-soaked Fleet, you ability appetite to arch to The Key amplitude base in the Kryx System. Inside, there is a bazaar alleged The Annex area you can advertise your goods. Aloof accomplish abiding you do the Blood-soaked Agile band adventure afore axis up at Kryx, back they'll vaporise you otherwise.

As said, Neon is absolutely your best bet if you've got a lot of being to offload and don't appetite to absorb endless of time active from abundance to store, but any of the aloft should accommodated your needs.

Trade Ascendancy bell-ringer NPCs are your best advantage for affairs items of any kind, including banned and baseborn items. You'll acquisition them wherever you see Barter Ascendancy signage; aloof skip the kiosk and allocution to the NPC instead.

To save you as abundant time as possible, actuality are the vendors with the best credits (vendors with 🕵️ acquire banned in locations that don't browse your ship):

  • 12,500 credits: Anya Griffon (Residential District, New Atlantis)
  • 11,000 credits: Kaminski (The Well, New Atlantis)
  • 11,000 credits: Manaaki Almonte (Central Hub, Cydonia)
  • 11,000 credits: Duncan Lynch (Trade Authority, Akila City)
  • 11,000 credits: Kolman Lang (Upper Platform, Neon)
  • 🕵️ 25,000 credits: Zuri Abara (The Key, Kryx system)
  • 🕵️ 11,000: Marcel Duris (The Den, Wolf system)

What to absorb your Starfield credits on

Now that you've fabricated some money in Starfield, you may be apprehensive what there is to absorb it on. Actuality are a few suggestions for what you should buy with all those credits.

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  • Spaceships: The big admission account in Starfield is ships, some of which can amount hundreds of bags of credits. Ships aren't alone for auction at above spaceports: you'll sometimes acquisition them at abate outposts throughout the galaxy as well. Accumulate in apperception you can buy chic B and C ships as continued as you accept abundant money, but you won't be able to fly them until you've upgraded your Piloting skill.
  • Houses: You can alive on your ship, body a base, and hire a auberge room, but there are additionally houses in Starfield you can buy if you appetite to put bottomward some roots. You'll acquisition houses for auction in above locations like New Atlantis and Akila City, and the prices vary: Neon has both a tiny "Sleepcrate" that costs 6,500 credits and a accommodation apartment you can buy for 235,000.
  • Decorations: Already you've got a home or a base, you'll appetite to ample it with air-conditioned junk. Appointment shops like The Bazaar in Neon and you can buy acquisition costly toys, old Apple memorabilia, and added decorations to abode about your abode for that busy look.
  • Weapons: You'll acquisition endless of weapons and accessory aloof by commutual missions and actual accidental encounters with spacers, but accumulate your eye out for the weapons you can buy in shops. Some are appealing expensive, but aloof about every boutique has a gun account buying, like this pistol alleged Elegance for auction in Akila City.

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