Ten indie amateur to get easily on with at the PC Gamer Weekender

We've been accepting a anticipate about all the accomplished indie titles advancing to the PC Gamer Weekender—there’s so abounding abundant ones, it’s adamantine to adjudge aloof which should get best of your arena time. Or which two, or three.

As such we're blessed to present you with 10 (ten) indie titles actuality apparent off at the PC Gamer Weekender that we can’t delay to get our easily on.

Dead Cells

We agnosticism we’ll be authoritative abundant advance on Asleep Cells—it actuality a Metroidvania-style bold with Aphotic Souls-inspired combat—but it’s abiding to accept our cardinal from the additional we get to playing. But that doesn’t stop us from absent to try, at atomic a bit, because we apperceive we're activity to charge the convenance afore this one comes out.

Loot Rascals 

It’s adamantine to alike call what you do on Boodle Rascals—a card-based, turn-based, branch but additionally not bold of adaptation and escape. Does that work? we're not sure. Either way, afterwards arena it a bit added at the Weekender we'll be abiding to jot bottomward some addendum so we can appear aback to you with a added all-embracing description than ‘it’s absolutely actual acceptable fun’.

Mirage: Cabalistic Warfare 

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare hit all the appropriate addendum with its crunching action and authentic faculty of place—but there was consistently one affair missing for us: magic. Assumption what Mirage: Cabalistic Warfare has in it? Swords! Oh yes, additionally magic. This looks like article of a aphotic horse.

Fantastic Accoutrement (Vive) 

Admission time: collectively, we're appealing abhorrent at architecture things, and they are alone anytime alleged ‘fantastic’ in a acerb fashion. But the joy about Absurd Accoutrement is that if you accomplish article rubbish, you aloof alpha again—or accumulate architecture on it until you’ve fabricated article that does… something. Add on top of this the actuality you’re in the best VR angle money can buy, the Vive, and you’re assimilate a winner.

Raw Abstracts (Vive) 

While Raw Abstracts looks ablaze and we appetite to comedy its VR ballista advantage for that reason, there’s additionally addition key acumen we'll be branch its way at the Weekender: there’ll be a able amplitude set up for the Vive so you can absolutely move about and acquaintance the angle how you’re declared to. We cannot—that is, cannot—do that in our tiny box-rooms at home.


The airy almsman to Banjo Kazooie was a Kickstarter success (and almanac breaker), and it’s accessible to see why. We're aloof as acquisitive as all those crowdfunder-ers to get some time with this classic-looking cutesy platformer.


There’s not so abundant fun in actuality the hero these days, so why not be the bad guy instead and run your own abomination authority in a turn-based action game? Why not indeed. Best of all, Antihero contains amusing Mockney-Londonish names, with advanced use of words like ‘bum’. Bliss.

King Beneath the Mountain 

A bit of a change of clip it ability be, but Baron Beneath the Abundance offers the affectionate of arbitrary action you alone absolutely get from baby (or one-person) studios. As such it has to go on our to-play list.


Presented as ‘a beginning booty on the brick-breaker genre’, Caromble! Is… a beginning booty on the brick-breaker genre. It’s as artistic as it is exciting, and is absolutely account a look.

Nature’s Crank Apocalypse 

Bears. Bears with miniguns. Bears with miniguns angry a crank horde. Charge we say more?

All 10 of these amateur will be abutting by abounding added speakers, amateur and booths, all at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is actuality captivated February 18-19 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For added capacity see the site, and chase us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news. Tickets are available now from £12.99. 

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