The Ayaneo Kun has a approach that delivers abreast alert the ability of the ROG Accessory handheld gaming PC

Ayaneo Kun vs Steam Deck vs ROG Ally
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When the Ayaneo Kun was aboriginal revealed, it was the trackpads that initially drew me to it, but aloof advanced of the Indiegogo attack barrage tomorrow, September 5, it's the acute gaming approach that's communicable my eye.

The 54W approach is way above what we've apparent from any gaming handheld before, ablution the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U dent into alien territory. Abnormally accustomed that AMD itself is alone advertisement a configurable TDP of up to 30W itself. That 30W absolute is the extreme we've apparent the Ryzen silicon pushed in a arrangement like the ROG Ally, Lenovo Countless Go, or OneXFly, and should accomplish it the best able handheld gaming PC around.

It's not aloof a approach you can alone aces while docked and acquainted into the mains, either. Ayaneo has told me that "yes, 54W is a lot, and can alike be acclimated unplugged, but it is added acceptable for acquainted use."

It has alike provided an accepted uptime for the 54W approach back you're active it on the array and is admiration about 49 mins of bold time. That's not a continued time, admittedly, but still shows what that 75Wh array can do. Yeah, 75Wh—it's a array that wouldn't attending out of abode in a gaming laptop, and takes up about 30% of the absolute aggregate of the Kun device.

Under a added acceptable 15W TDP Ayaneo suggests you can apprehend able-bodied over three hours of gaming from the device, calmly authoritative it the longest abiding handheld.

But, what array of achievement access does that aberrant 54W approach deliver? Honestly, from the numbers Ayaneo has accustomed up it's not a huge amount—in the three amateur it's activated you're accepting amid 7 and 14% college anatomy rates. Back acquainted in, application it as a bogus desktop PC, every little helps back it comes to cutting out gameplay, but I don't anticipate I'd appetite to anytime run it on array like that.

I'm additionally apprehensive about the array of babble that affair will accomplish in the ultra acute mode. As it's a chonky 8.4-inch handheld there's a lot of amplitude for cogent cooling performance—luckily—and the 'KUNPeng' calefaction amusement arrangement has a hoofing big fan, but Ayaneo is still advertisement the 54W temps as about 84°C. Compared to the 42°C of the 15W approach that's alert the heat.

Given the ROG Accessory is accomplishing bad things to SD cards because of calefaction issues, I'm actual abundant acquisitive Ayaneo has been advantageous absorption on that front...

Your abutting upgrade

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I'm admiring the actuality we're accepting so abounding altered kinds of handhelds at the moment, what with the Ayaneo Air 1S (which our Jacob is testing out and admiring appropriate now) additionally carrying the aboriginal Windows gaming handheld I've anytime seen, so I'm absorbed by the Kun. It is activity to be expensive, however, and that's activity to beggarly it has to absolutely be your capital gaming device, not some array of adaptable accompaniment to your desktop—that's area the far cheaper Steam Deck still absolutely shines.

At $999 as the aboriginal bird amount for the apparent atramentous 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD adaptation (rising to $1,209 at final release) it's already far added big-ticket than the ROG Ally, but goes all the way up to $1,949 for the abstract 64GB RAM | 4TB SSD versions. Yikes.

The Ayaneo Kun starts activity beneath the pre-order run from tomorrow on Indiegogo, but will alpha to appropriately address in October.

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