The cheapest way to buy Hogwarts Bequest in Australia

Hogwarts Legacy trailer
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Hogwarts Bequest is now out in Australia, and aboriginal impressions affirm that it's a decidedly ablaze booty on the Annoy Potter cosmos (albeit, one defective Annoy Potter himself). 

"It's so attenuate that we get a licensed, blockbuster bold like this," our own Morgan Esplanade wrote in his review-in-progress, "one that so far delivers on a actual specific fantasy and again some. Which makes it all the added adverse that article this aberrant is apparitional by a bigoted creator who stands to accumulation from it." Our final adjudication will access in the advancing days.

If you're attractive to aces up Hogwarts Bequest up on February 11, there are several means you can do that in Australia. As per usual, affairs absolute from Beef isn't the cheapest option, but if you were acquisitive to go into a artery and adhesive abundance to buy the bold on PC, anticipate again: it ain't accepting a concrete adaptation in Australia. As a result, agenda is the way to go, but you don't accept to pay RRP.

Without added ado:

Cheapest Hogwarts Bequest prices in Australia

Hogwarts Bequest @ Blooming Man Gaming | AU$89.95 AU$76.46
In the advance up to Hogwarts Legacy's official release, Blooming Man Gaming has the best auction price. If you'd adopt the agenda choice version, that's AU$84.96, bottomward from AU$99.95. There's additionally 850XP to accumulate if you're complex in Blooming Man Gaming's adherence program.

Hogwarts Bequest @ Fanatical | AU$89.99 AU$79.19
The abutting best price. The Agenda Choice adaptation is AU$92.39 from Fanatical, with the RRP listed as AU$104.99 (unlike Blooming Man - who to believe?). The bolt is, that Biased is currently active a advance that grants a 5% abatement agenda if you assurance up to its commitment list. That brings the amount bottomward to a bit over AU$75, if you'd like to try that.

Hogwarts Bequest @ Apprehensive Store | AU$89.95 (with bonuses)
Humble is affairs Hogwarts Bequest at the accepted RRP, but if you appear to be Apprehensive Best affiliate you can save up to AU$9. Associates costs AU$11.99 a month.

Hogwarts Bequest @ Steam | AU$89.95
Steam is affairs Hogwarts Bequest at the accustomed RRP. Back both Biased and Blooming Man Gaming action Beef codes as allotment of their cheaper prices, you ability as able-bodied go with them.

These prices may change over the advancing weeks; if we apprehension that they have, we'll accurately amend the page.

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