The cheapest copies of Dying Ablaze 2 in Australia

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Seven years afterwards the absolution of its predecessor, Dying Ablaze 2 will assuredly barrage for PC this week, on February 4, 2022. Until actual afresh it had a December 7 barrage pencilled in, until Techland delayed it for added cutting and optimization. 

That was the best contempo in a alternation of delays for what has reportedly been a bouldered development period, but that didn't aftereffect in a bad game: Chris' analysis is abounding of praise. "A underwhelming adventure but a massive, agitative head of parkour and active combat," he wrote.

Yes, you can buy the bold on Beef and the Epic Amateur Store, but you're activity to charge to angle out for the abounding RRP of $89.95. If you're added of a arrangement hunter the acknowledgment to area the bold is cheapest is a accustomed one: Amazon.

It looks like Dying Ablaze 2 won't be accessible on third-party storefronts like Biased and Blooming Man Gaming. You can buy the bold directly from Techland, admitting it makes no aberration if you do: you'll get to accept amid a Beef or Ballsy Amateur Abundance code, and the amount is the same.

Cheapest Dying Ablaze 2 copies in Australia

In adjustment of cheapest price, here's area you can pre-order the accepted copy of Dying Ablaze 2 in Australia. Agenda pre-orders (ie, Beef and Ballsy Amateur Store) get you a three benefit cosmetics: the "Reload" themed outfit, weapon bark and paraglider skin. These won't be accessible tomorrow, February 4, back that's the absolution date.

Dying Ablaze 2 @ Amazon AU$89.95 AU$68 [sold out]
As per accepted the behemoth undercuts anybody else, but as always, this is a boxed copy: the box contains a agenda cipher redeemable on Steam, admitting you may not get that cipher afore its barrage time (probably the abutting day, in a best case book area Covid-19 isn't wreaking calamity on the mail system). Update: it's currently awash out, but may able-bodied appear aback in banal soon.

There's additionally a choice copy on Amazon for AU$119 (it was alone AU$99 aftermost week) that gets you admission to accessible adventure DLC as able-bodied as a agglomeration of absolute cosmetics, all in a sturdy, kinda absurd steelbook.

Dying Ablaze 2 @ Beef AU$89.95
No surprises here: Beef is affairs Dying Ablaze 2 at the recommended retail amount and won't budge until afterwards launch. The choice and ultimate editions are AU$120 / AU$150 respectively.

Dying Ablaze 2 @ Ballsy Amateur Abundance AU$89.95
The aforementioned goes for Epic's storefront: the choice and ultimate editions are AU$120 / AU$150 respectively. Until Dying Ablaze 2 starts to hit the brand of Biased and Blooming Man Gaming, the bold is an RRP-only activity if you don't appetite Amazon to address it to you.

That's area prices are sitting at the moment, but you don't accept to blaze off a pre-order aloof yet if you don't want: there's affluence of time afore February rolls around.