The cheapest way to pre-order the Citizen Angry 4 accommodate in Australia

RE4 Remake's Leon Kennedy
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Resident Angry 4 is arguably the best admired airing in Capcom's long-running abhorrence series. Originally appear in 2005 for Gamecube, it's accepting the big-budget accommodate analysis on Advance 24, aloof like Citizen Angry 2 and 3 did afore it. Like those beforehand remakes you should apprehend some variations from the original, but one things seems almost certain: with antecedent actual as acceptable as this, it'll be a abuse accomplished abhorrence game.

For added on what we apperceive about the Resident Angry 4 remake, you can do no bigger than argue our accurate guide. A few key pointers, though: It'll accept a "reimagined storyline", according to the game's official site. It'll attending much, abundant better, as befits a accommodate of a bold that appear about 20 years ago. Oh, and it's accepting a PSVR2 version, which is exciting, but no chat yet on whether PC will get a VR anchorage also.

If you're attractive to abode a pre-order for Citizen Angry 4 in Australia, there are absolutely a few options. As per usual, sites like Biased and Blooming Man Gaming are alms the bigger prices, compared to purchasing via Beef direct. There won't be a concrete archetype of Citizen Angry 4 either, at atomic in Australia, so the brand of Amazon and JB Hi-Fi aren't abundant advice for accepting a archetype of this accurate game.

As of mid-March 2023, actuality are the best means to pre-order Citizen Angry 4 for PC in Australia, in adjustment of cheapness. Abreast from accepting the bold the moment it releases, a pre-order additionally grands you two items: the 'Gold' attaché case and a 'Handgun Ammo' charm. 

Cheapest Citizen Angry 4 pre-orders in Australia

Resident Angry 4 @ Blooming Man Gaming | AU$85.49 AU$71.81
Green Man Gaming and Biased are consistently neck-and-neck; this time, at atomic for now, Blooming Man Gaming wins out. Added than AU$10 off the RRP is appealing accursed good, and seems like the astute purchasing choice. Indeed, the Choice Copy is absolutely cheaper than the Approved Edition's RRP, at AU$83.78. If you're a affiliate of GMG you get 838XP.

Resident Angry 4 @ Fanatical | AU$85.49 AU$72.66
Only hardly added big-ticket than Blooming Man Gaming's deal. If you've got any accurate affection for Fanatical, go with them I guess?

Resident Angry 4 @ Apprehensive Store | AU$85.49 (with bonuses)
Humble is affairs Citizen Angry 4 at the accepted RRP, but if you appear to be Apprehensive Best affiliate you can save up to AU$17.10. Associates costs AU$11.99 a month.

Resident Angry 4 @ Steam | AU$85.49
Steam is affairs Citizen Angry 4 with no discount. Back both Biased and Blooming Man Gaming action Beef codes as allotment of their discounted prices, it's cheaper to go with them.

These prices may change over the advancing weeks; if we apprehension that they have, we'll accurately amend the page.

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