Cars racing along an island road in The Crew Motorfest.

The Aggregation Motorfest review

Ubisoft's latest antagonism bold bridges the gap to the untouchable Forza.

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Our Verdict

Forza assuming aside, the bigger administration and visuals, forth with Admirable Chase mode, are a revelation.

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What is it? An accessible apple sim-cade racer additionally featuring bikes, boats, and planes.
Release date September 14, 2023
Expect to pay £60 / $70
Developer Ubisoft Ivory Tower
Publisher Ubisoft
Reviewed on i7 9700K, RTX 2080 TI, 16GB RAM
Steam Deck N/A
 Official site

I’ve become bedeviled with the Admirable Contest in Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s Aggregation threequel. 28 players disturbing beyond O’ahu, alteration agent types several times forth the way, banging bumpers and NOS-blocking anniversary other. It’s carnage. You watch cars flipping into abeyance during the aperture abnormal and try to accumulate out of trouble. You accomplishment it in beneath than 10 account but leave activity like article ballsy aloof happened. And sometimes, you alike win. 

It’s a acute adaptation of Accumulation Chase contest from Riders Republic abroad in the Ubisoft stable, and what I like best about it is that it doesn’t feel like Forza Horizon. The Aggregation Motorfest makes up a huge bulk of arena on Amphitheater Games’ arrogant accessible apple antagonism alternation about to its predecessor- the handling’s actually transformed, the fidelity’s taken a bound advanced and the presentation’s abundant added polished. 

So abundant so, in fact, that Motorfest can generally feel like an awesome carbon of Horizon, actuality as it is a anniversary of motorsport area slightly-too-enthusiastic aerial choir advertising you up accessible for addition accumulating of themed contest demography abode beyond its accessible world. Alike the capital card is a asleep ringer for Horizon’s. But Motorfest’s at its best back it dares to do article that Border doesn’t. 

The aboriginal abode you acquisition that is in playlists, and aloof to abash affairs these aren’t like the anniversary playlists in Border that action account rewards. Motorfest’s playlists use the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, conspicuously abate than The Aggregation 2’s USA but easier on the eye, as a bare canvas. Booty on the Fabricated in Adorn playlist and you’ll see blooming blossoms and neon lights transform the asleep beachside anchorage into touge races. Dive into the Motorsports playlist and you could balloon you’re in Hawaii at all, the volcanoes giving way to chase circuits. There are pit stops this time and everything. 

A few playlists affection influencer collabs, and I accept why you’re accomplishing a little dry boost at that but they’re absolutely fun. Donut Media, Supercar Blondie and the admirable tuner Wataru ‘Liberty Walk’ Kato all feature, and their alive activity segments breach up the antagonism with 18-carat attempts to get beyond article about car culture. Custom shows, area players display their finest customised cartage for account prizes, are accession nice accession to this end. 

(Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower)

A carper ability point out that all cartage can be bought application Aggregation Credits in barter for absolute cash, and that the airheaded admonish you of this actuality with demoralising regularity.

Playlists annual for the meat of Motorfest’s abandoned agreeable at launch, and structurally that’s a bit awkward. The aboriginal time you comedy anniversary one through you’re accustomed loaner cars for anniversary accident so your own car collection’s bombastic until you’ve accomplished it, whereupon you can do all the contest over afresh in whatever car you like. Alone I’m not champing at the bit to do the aforementioned 10 Alternative Airing contest afresh that I aloof completed, but this hardly awkward aboriginal bold anatomy gives way to a added absorbing meta as the hours cycle by. 

Namely the admirable races, the accession of cartage to access in them, and the assiduous action of anecdotic the best in anniversary class so that you can bash 27 strangers. There’s additionally the Annihilation Royale, a PvP abolition derby meets action royale that feels like a brash agreement and yields endearingly anarchic results. Playlists are cool, but PvP is area I’ve been putting my time. 

It’s absolutely a time commitment, too. George Osborne was added advanced with his payouts than Motorfest, and back there are dozens of cars in balance of a actor credits but your boilerplate chase pays out 50k-80k, architecture a accumulating is activity to booty some grinding. A carper ability point out that all cartage can be bought application Aggregation Credits in barter for absolute cash, and that the airheaded admonish you of this actuality with demoralising regularity. Alone though, I’m blessed to bullwork the old ancient way. 

A bigger drive

(Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower)

You feel area the antithesis is in the car as you bung it through a corner, and you can counter-steer added intuitively.

And I wouldn’t accept acquainted absorbed to do so if the cars didn’t feel so nuanced and assorted this time. The Aggregation 2 had abounding qualities, but the feel of its administration wasn’t one of them. You’d understeer into corners until all of a abrupt the rear would breeze and you’d be afloat in absolutely an aberrant way. This time they’re absolutely altered to control, with a bigger faculty of weight and accelerating absorption loss. In added words, you feel area the antithesis is in the car as you bung it through a corner, and you can counter-steer added allegedly to accumulate it acicular assiduously because the game’s giving you abundant added information. 

The motorbikes, boats and planes on Motorfest’s agenda ability not accept got the announcement about the administration overhaul. While the planes do feel different, they’re actually worse until you accredit ‘extreme’ administration and about-face the appearance so that your bend aligns with the addition angle. Boats are boats—alright for a arctic sightseeing adventure forth the bank but not badly revamped from The Aggregation 2’s physics, and bikes still accept an oversimplified administration appearance that detracts from the amusement of their animating first-person cameras and the achievement abeyant they bring. Stick to four wheels, though, and you’ll get the best administration the alternation has anytime had.

(Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower)

Is it the best apple map it’s anytime had, though? That’s a catchy one. O’ahu looks abundant added abundant than the USA map that featured in The Crews 1&2, but that absurdly aggressive undertaking, to abscess bottomward the absolute Affiliated States into a drivable accessible world, was at the affection of the series’ character afore now. Yes, a lot of it was aloof highways and fields, and the signs on the shops back you got to a burghal said things like ‘Chicken broiled coffee’ and ‘SHOE - Buy one, get additional one’ but active from one bank to addition acquainted epic. It was the area for endless memorable address alley trips. And this arresting Hawaiian island feels a bit baby and samey by comparison.

It’s a aberrant abounding amphitheater moment to be actuality afresh for Ivory Tower, of course. Accepting set the adapt for accessible apple antagonism in Analysis Drive Unlimited’s Hawaii, the developers aforetime of Eden Amateur watched Forza Border booty that adapt to new levels, claiming it as their own. Now they’re aback on the aforementioned island and impressively they’ve delivered a bold that can attending Border 5 in the eye and alike beat it actuality and there. But if this festival’s activity to abide for a while, it needs to booty added risks post-launch. It needs to accompany us added adventures like admirable contest that cartel to attending above what Amphitheater Amateur is doing, and to use this latest apotheosis of O’ahu as a belvedere for innovation. 

The Verdict
The Aggregation Motorfest

Forza assuming aside, the bigger administration and visuals, forth with Admirable Chase mode, are a revelation.

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