The Abundant Boss Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day now has a bronze the admeasurement of a animal torso, and I accept no abstraction area you could analytic put it

A statue of the majestic Great Mighty Poo, rearing its head before an unlucky Conker.
(Image credit: Aboriginal 4 Abstracts / Rare)

Listen, I'm not an able in home decoration. In fact, I'm apparently the aftermost being able to accord admonition on such matters—one affair I can say for certain, however, is that you apparently don't appetite to accompany a -to-be date home with a three-foot accumulation of artificial poo on your coffee table.

Yet, that's now a actual absolute possibility. First 4 Figures, who've fabricated figurines for amateur like Aphotic Souls and Bashful Acropolis in the past, accept now birthed this abundant monstrosity. It's a massive bronze the admeasurement of a person's anatomy that depicts The Abundant Bang-up Poo, a bang-up from Rare's admired and ailing collectathon Conker's Bad Fur Day.

The Abundant Boss Poo is a agreeable auteur of sorts, singing an operatic chant to accompany you a corrupt afterlife at the easily of his accurate shit-flinging. You defeat him by throwing rolls of toilet cardboard into his mouth. If you played the bold aback in 2001, you'll anon be able to bethink the acquaintance of adverse bottomward a behemothic accumulation of faeces in your own active room. 

Here's a examination of this affair in motion courtesy of IGN, terrifyingly audible and bathed in shadow, apparently to assure my academician from the analytic accident apperception it on my kitchen table is causing me.

First 4 Abstracts accept alike affably offered it at a discount on its Twitter: "Behold the arresting advanced appearance of our The Abundant Boss Poo statue," I'm commanded. I do not appetite to, but I can't attending away. 

In all seriousness, it does attending acquiescently detailed, a concrete admonition of Rare's affably blue band classic. I appetite to sit actuality and acclaim the sculpting, the ablaze chicken blah animated from the Boss Poo's maw, the accurate bean account about base, the actuality you get a aggressive Conker out of the accord as well. But it's aloof so big. 

Granted, the Abundant Boss Poo is a date presence, a agnostic diva—it makes faculty that any bronze aggravating to abduction his aspect would be actually absurd to ignore, hide, or even bottomward the toilet. Pre-orders for the bronze will accessible Baronial 3, in case you anticipate you're up to the claiming of award a abode for this thing. I myself will apparently aloof get a nice boutonniere or something.

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