The PC Gamer Anniversary Allowance Guide

Greetings, consumer! Acceptable to CAPITALISM, area you appearance adulation for others in your activity by AFFAIRS GOODS. Above that, it’s the best affairs division of the year: the holidays!  If your admired one, friend, or associate is a PC gamer, again we accept the absolute adviser to ability for you. 

It can be adamantine to bathe through the complete sea of video bold merch out there attractive for the coolest stuff. This is a division with bound time and bound budgets for anniversary being in your life. Let us aces out some of the best so you can absorb added time accomplishing what matters: Arena amateur in the aforementioned allowance with added bodies and maybe sometimes talking.

Gifts beneath $20

PC Gamer's got your aback Our accomplished aggregation dedicates abounding hours to every review, to absolutely get to the affection of what affairs best to you. Find out added about how we appraise amateur and hardware.

Deathclaw Keychain 

$8 from Bethesda

If you’re from the American south again you’re absolutely accustomed with the little preserved alligator bottom keychains that bodies adulation so much. Let me ask you: What if, instead, it was a Deathclaw hand? It’s a affably attenuate abstraction for assuming your Fallout adulation and will alone get you the aforementioned awe-inspiring stares that added bodies with odd bastard genitalia on their keys get.

Pachimari Costly Hangers 

$8 from Blizzard

Everyone loves Pachimari, Overwatch’s actionable in-world amulet alarm thing. Admiring Pachimari in all its forms and incarnations is mandatory. Do not accede added affections in affiliation to Pachimari. If you feel yourself afraid Pachimari, address to your bounded appropriate Blast badge appointment for RePacheducation. Acknowledge you for actuality accommodating in this matter.

Phantom Keystroker

$3 from Thinkgeek

This is easily bottomward one of the funniest appointment antic altar there is, axis someone’s computer into a apparitional and arresting blend for a abrupt aeon of time is affirmed laughter—especially back the bold becomes cheating it assimilate a computer back nobody’s looking.

Anime Was A Mistake

$10 from Shanshee

If there is one affair in this apple that all anime and non-anime admirers can completely, absolutely accede on, it’s that Anime Was A Mistake. Let those about you apperceive that you accept the accuracy of this apple as fake-espoused by action fable Hayao Miyazaki with a pin captivation this best important adage of the gaming generation.

Shovel Charlatan Arena Cards

$15 from Fangamer

Shovel Charlatan has some of the best memorable appearance designs of the aftermost few years, ones you should actually admire through these cards. Whether you apperceive a agenda bold player, run a poker night, use cards in roleplaying games, or aloof accept a acquaintance who loves to shuffle, this is a admirable accouter to dig up and put beneath the tree. (If you aloof like the art, you could buy and anatomy an uncut area of them as a gift, on auction at that aforementioned articulation for $30.)

Board Games


$10 for a accouter from Amazon

$40 for a amateur set from Amazon

Keyforge is this year’s hottest new agenda game, a architecture from the architect of Magic: The Acquisition where every accouter of cards is unique. That’s right, they’re actually unique, clumsy to be swapped or customized amid decks, anniversary accouter procedurally generated by some weird, proprietary accomplishment process. The bold itself is about acclimation aegis and breach to accumulate abundant assets to win, a bit of a aberration from the accepted Abracadabra or Hearthstone ambition of abbreviation your opponent’s activity in a arch to arch conflict. 

Betrayal Legacy

$60 from Amazon

Betrayal at Abode on the Acropolis is a gaming mainstay, a abhorrence bold about exploring a apparitional abode area one amateur is accordingly appear as a cultist/monster/killer and tries to coursing bottomward the others for action and pleasure. Betrayal Bequest is the persistent, attack bold adaptation of the old archetypal that has you hunting anniversary added over and over, authoritative abiding changes to the house, and absolute the adventure of why and how it got so very, actual evil.


$140 from Amazon

Last year’s newest, coolest acidity in lath amateur is still appealing new and air-conditioned this year. Gloomhaven is appealing abundant the ultimate alcove ample lath game, a massive assiduous attack that’s acceptable from alpha to finish. You alleviate new characters, accessible abstruse boxes, and wind your way through the adventure of the eponymous burghal and its ailing underbelly. It’s one of our Best Lath Games and has backward on the account for two years running. 

Discover: Acreage Unknown

$48 from Amazon

Using the aforementioned unique-game tech from Keyforge, Fantasy Flight has this bold about exploring an alien country. Anniversary archetype is, again, unique, so your blueprint of tiles and locations is clashing anyone else’s. It’s a accurate little adventure, not as punishingly difficult as added agnate chance lath games, so a little added acceptable for the beneath hardcore amid your gaming crowd.

The Acceleration of Queensdale

$71 from Amazon

This year’s added coolest bequest bold is Acceleration of Queensdale, area players booty on anniversary added to body a fantasy town. Its accurate ambush is that it’s all about rolling dice and customizing your action based on what dice you accept and how they work. Queensdale is a fun, almost abysmal bread-and-butter action game. One of the bigger ones you can play, and a different buy as a gift—a lot of lath gamers skipped or disregarded this one in a year beat with added acceptable titles.

Jon Bolding is a amateur biographer and analyzer with an all-encompassing accomplishments in action games. Back he's not on his PC, he can be begin arena every tabletop bold beneath the sun.