This array gets you Activity Cars, Abutting to the Sun and 7 added amateur for AU$8

Project Cars
(Image credit: Hardly Mad)

Project Cars 3 may accept appear a few months ago, but this Biased bundle still looks worthwhile: you'll get Activity Cars and seven added amateur for AU$7.75. If you were affairs all these amateur at RRP, it'd set you aback AU$233.66. So it's absolutely a steal, alike if you'd apparently be mad to pay the RRP on Activity Cars in 2020.

But what are the added games? Here's aggregate that's included:

Project Cars: Bold of the Year Edition (usually AU$70.98)
Peaky Blinders: Mastermind (usually AU$35.95)
Close to the Sun (usually AU$28.95)
Rec Centermost Tycoon (usually AU$16.95)
Talisman Origins (usually AU$9.95)
Autonauts (usually AU$28.95)
RollerCoaster Administrator Deluxe (usually AU7.99)
Chris Sawyer's Locomotion (usually AU$7.99)
Table Manners (usually AU25.95)

Obviously your breadth will alter on that line-up: if you appetite Abutting to the Sun, you may not absolutely be champing at the bit to access Rec Centermost Tycoon. But still, aloof beneath AU$8 for Activity Cars abandoned is a appropriate deal, and I can vouch for Abutting to the Sun actuality account a look, imperfections and all.

Shaun Prescott

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