This little indie platformer has some actively acceptable movement

A grey figure jumps and fights an enemy from indie platformer pseudoregalia
(Image credit: rittzler)

Fans of bland movement be advised: Schmoovement has been begin in new indie absolution Pseudoregalia, which hit Beef Friday the 28th from developer rittzler. It's an exploration-focused Metroidvania platformer that starts simple with little all-overs and develops a lot of air-conditioned movement synergy as you alleviate new abilities.

It additionally has a chunky, low-poly, retro-inspired vibe, if you're into that affectionate of thing.

The simple adventure revolves about Sybil, who finds herself pulled into a adulterated and aberrant alcazar "deep aural the branch of sleep." It's a technically-competent surrealist mural to belvedere around, and frames the absolute bold appealing well, because the absolute focus actuality is on platforming and exploring in a way unencumbered by requirements that you do things in able adjustment or "properly" at all.

As you analyze you accretion new powers. What starts with all-overs assets powered continued jumps, bank jumps, dashes, and slides forth bank surfaces, to name aloof a few. It's a bold that alluringly lets you use your abilities to breach platforming challenges in a array of ways, not caring abundant if you administer to cleverly breach what seems to be the advised sequence.

That apparently will advice it be a abundantly replayable game, to boot, back it's abandoned about  2-4 hours long. (Four hours for me because I booty my time and am not the best at platforming but I adore it, so leave me abandoned okay.) 

Steam reviews for Pseudoregalia are actual positive, with a 97% accede appraisement on 394 Beef reviews. Best of the abrogating reviews acknowledgment the abridgement of a map, which I acquisition hasty because I ain't charge no map.

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You can acquisition Pseudoregalia on Beef for $6. You can acquisition added games, mostly prototypes, by developer rittzler on

Pseudoregalia is developer rittzler's aboriginal Beef release, with their antecedent works actuality mostly bold jams on itch. Their abutting activity is Electrokinetic, a "roguelike 3D platformer area you body your own moveset as you play." With Pseudoregalia as a affidavit of concept, I'll be eyeing that with anticipation.

Jon Bolding is a amateur biographer and analyzer with an all-encompassing accomplishments in action games. Back he's not on his PC, he can be begin arena every tabletop bold beneath the sun.