To body words you aboriginal accept to ability anniversary letter in this able branch addle game

Small factories producing letters to spell Cat
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If you absolutely anticipate about it, the letter L is aloof the letter I with addition letter I lying bottomward in advanced of it. What's a T? Maybe two letter Ls that accept been anchored calm afterwards actuality angry upside down? A V is aloof an I that's aptitude over and has been anchored calm at the basal with addition aptitude I, so an X… that's either two Is bridge anniversary other, or maybe two Vs, one addled upside bottomward and anchored calm at the pointy bits. Maybe?

That's the abstraction in addle bold Word Factori. You accept a baby branch that can aftermath the letter I, and application alone that letter you accept to actualize words like OX, CAT, and IVY, and again eventually tougher constructions like DOCTOR, VOXEL, and AXOLOTL.

How do you do it with aloof an I? Well, by active a assembly band of Is from one branch to the next. There's a branch that will booty an I and angle it into a C-shape, which is artlessly how you accomplish a C. But if you appetite to accomplish an O, there's no O factory. 

So you'll accept to get two curve of Is active through a C factory, again cast one band horizontally, again bond them calm in addition factory. C additional backwards C is an O. And things alone get added complicated from there.

Hey, it turns out there was an I in AGGREGATION all this time. In fact, there were a accomplished agglomeration of them! My drillmaster was absolutely wrong.

Half of the fun of Chat Factori is artlessly experimenting. It's not consistently bright what a branch does until you've run some belletrist through it, and forth the way you ability ascertain the compound for a altered letter than you intended. While aggravating to assemble an X for the aboriginal time, I beatific two accumbent Is into a adjustment branch and instead of crisscrossing them into an X it instead produced an = sign. Which was not alone funny, but appealing accurate. An according assurance is, afterwards all, one I lying on top of addition I. Authoritative the X appropriately angry out to be a bit trickier.

Word Factori: Aggravating to spell ox"

And while it seems like the fun ability run out already you've abstruse the compound for anniversary of the 26 accessible letters, there are added challenges in Chat Factori that absolute you to how abounding and what types of anniversary branch you can use on anniversary level. With some belletrist accepting assorted recipes, you'd accept to ascertain the best optimal branch bureaucracy to exhausted anniversary challenge. And with all those factories and agent belts and belletrist whizzing about on your screen, it can get a little animated at times. 

One camp final little detail I adore is that back you do auspiciously complete a word, it starts spitting out a account of that chat rather than the chat itself. So if you spell the chat duck, your awning will boring become abounding with pictures of a avoid instead of the chat duck. Weird! But cute. Chat Factori is planned for absolution in August, but there's a free audience on Steam you can (and should) try appropriate now. You apperceive how to spell Steam, right? First, you angle an I… 

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