True to FromSoftware's artistic vision, Armored Amount 6 now has a mech that's CJ benumbed Thomas the Catchbasin Engine

CJ riding Thomas the Tank Engine.
(Image credit: FromSoftware / Sine_Fine_Belli)

It took modders beneath than a day to add CJ from San Andreas to Armored Amount 6, and the meme alternation aloof keeps rolling bottomward the tracks: I present to you CJ and Thomas the Catchbasin Engine. Calm at last. Wait… Yes it is a rather adverse assemblage of anatomy positions and all-embracing deeply, acutely cursed, but I anticipate we'll leave it there.

The accessible abutting footfall is for Thomas' anatomy to accept a Shrek plushie blind somewhere. The Thomas the Catchbasin Agent mod replaces the EL-TL-11 FORTALEZA legs with the admired childrens' train, and is the conception of ScrubMilk, whose antecedent greatest hits accommodate authoritative Elden Ring's Torrent into a Minecraft horse. Which is a accurate segue into the actuality that, bashed with power, modders accept additionally started putting Armored Cores into Elden Ring. Addled yet? This is accepting like Fortnite.

The Thomas the Catchbasin Agent in Armored Amount 6 can be hardly customised via the allotment colours, which is set to white but you can dabble with the weathering and glossiness, "though I myself accept it set to no battle-wear or gloss" declares ScrubMilk. Absolutely appropriate too, no-one brand a bedraggled engine.

Combine it with the absolute CJ mod, as redditor Sine_Fine_Belli did, and abundance awaits:

Armored Amount 6 Afterwards installing some mods from r/armoredcore

I managed to blaze up Armored Amount 6 this accomplished weekend and it's an complete blast, with developer FromSoftware acutely accepting a close abstraction of what makes a acceptable mech bold (great mechs and lots of fabulously atomic fights) and afterward through with all the force of a gigantic metal anchor to the jaw.

But don't booty my chat for it: PCG's citizen mech able Wes Fenlon awarded the bold a aglow 87%, adage that "it may accept taken FromSoftware a decade to acknowledgment to its adulation of mechs, but it was account the wait: Armored Amount 6 is a 'we're aback on our bullshit' bang dunk." Spot-on. And now you can do the ablution with a CJ/Thomas hybrid, aloof as administrator Masaru Yamamura absolutely intended.

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