How to alleviate the abstruse Architect Classic in Balance 2

An image of a drone from Remnant 2's world N'Erud, where you find the Engineer archetype.
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Remnant 2 has a few abstruse archetypes you can unlock, accretion your armory to shoot and boodle through its agrarian and admirable worlds. One of these hidden archetypes is the Engineer, a abundant weapon-toting specialist who can arrange their own turrets.

The acceptable account is that already you've apart an archetype, it's attainable whenever you accomplish a new character—though if you don't alpha a bold as that archetype, you'll accept to acquisition it in the apple afresh and ability its Engram normally. With that in mind, here's how you can alleviate the Engineer.

Where to acquisition the Architect Archetype

First off, you'll accept to arch to N'Erud. You'll either canyon through this abstruse hellscape by arena the attack normally, or you'll charge to reroll your apple a few times at the Apple Bean in Area 13. Be warned: accomplishing so will displace your attack progress.

Once you're there, you'll charge to action your way through N'Erud's capital alcove to ability its additional overworld zone. A capital alcove is adumbrated by a square archway back beheld on your map, so if you're beelining it to the archetype, attending for the aboveboard door.

This additional area will be either The Eon Basement or The Around-the-clock Horizon—it doesn't amount which, you'll still acquisition what you're attractive for. Unfortunately, this classic can be a little annoying to find, and back Balance 2's levels are procedurally generated, I can't acquaint you absolutely area it is. Band your boots on, you've got some active to do.

Both zones will be amidst by a baleful brume that makes you huck your audacity up. Biking about the bend of this brume until you're faced with a allotment of cartography that you can see in the angel above.

There should be a collapsed belvedere on the left, spikes on the right, and a gap in the middle. Accomplish a agenda of area this is on your map because you're about to die. Here's what you charge to do.

  • Run through the gap and anon jump beyond to the added ledge.
  • Pick up the Technician's Set for some chargeless drip.
  • Bank to the larboard and bead bottomward into the pit and grab the Conflicting Device.

As continued as you hustle, you should be able to do this afore you puke your audacity out—a baby amount to pay for big guns.

How to Alleviate the Architect Archetype

(Image credit: Battery Amateur / Gearbox Publishing)

With your new armour and Conflicting Accessory in hand, biking aback to Area 13 and acquisition Wallace—you can acquisition him on the ample crane belvedere on the outskirts of town. He's the NPC you batten with to alleviate your aboriginal classic afterwards the tutorial so you apperceive who you're attractive for. You'll again charge to angle over the device, as able-bodied as 10 Lumenite Crystals.

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