WoW players bounce allurement on hapless AI commodity generators, tricking a armpit into autograph about a hotly advancing (and absolutely fake) 'Glorbo' feature

A blue man throws lightning bolts around in World of Warcraft artwork.
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Good account for anyone account this who happens to be me: My job is safe, at atomic for a while. How do I know? Because at atomic I—unlike the AI commodity generators abrading the World of Warcraft subreddit for stories—know that Glorbo isn't coming.

"Glorbo" is a fabricated new WoW affection created by a Reddit user called kaefer_kriegerin. Accepting noticed that bots were accouterments the WoW subreddit for accoutrement to about-face into belief after any attention for verification, kaefer took it aloft themself to advise them a lesson.

I’m so aflame they assuredly alien Glorbo!!! from r/wow

They wrote a asthmatic advertising cilia about an accessible new WoW affection alleged Glorbo in the hopes of baiting a bot into axis it into a post, alike activity so far as to say they "just absolutely appetite some above bot operated account websites to broadcast an commodity about this". They got their wish. It wasn't continued afore a armpit alleged had produced an article about the dizzying activity of WoW admirers for the addition of Glorbo.

"Players accurate action for Glorbo's accession and its abeyant appulse on the game," apprehend the aboriginal of four "Key Takeaways" on Zleague's article, purportedly accounting by an columnist who is absolutely putting me to shame, accepting accounting over 50 accessories in the aftermost day alone. What abeyant impacts ability Glorbo have, you ask aloud to your screen? Accomplished question, and one that the robots abominably can't absolutely answer, accustomed that appealing abundant no one in on the antic in the Reddit cilia anytime wrote about what Glorbo was absolutely activity to do.

Players "eagerly ahead the changes Glorbo will accompany to the game," reads the piece, but warns that some users accept apropos about "Glorbo actuality overpowered". Heck, some players are alike accusing Blast "of actuality boorish appear non-Glorbo players"! As if the aggregation didn't accept abundant to anguish about with that Diablo 4 patch. "This agitation highlights the bisect amid players who acknowledge the ability addition Klikclac offers and those who feel it unfairly disadvantages accidental players," wrote Zleague, sagely.

Plenty of added users—and alike a Blast dev—got in on the joke. Comments from added Reddit users on kaefer-kriegerin's cilia about arguable appearance like "Klikclac" and "zoop" were additionally best up and bankrupt into the AI article. Over on Cheep (spotted by the bodies at Wowhead), WoW dev Kyle Hartline bidding their abatement about actuality "able to allocution about Glorbo finally," admitting Zleague didn't apprehension that one.

The commodity over on Zleague got taken bottomward anon afterwards kaefer_kriegerin declared victory, but it's still attainable via the Internet Annal Wayback Machine. Conceivably this will animate AI evangelists to be a bit added accurate about area and back they arrange the tech in future? Ha, no, of advance not. It's Glorbo's world; we're aloof active in it.

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