You can about-face off Steam's annoying accomplishment notification sound

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You've adored Skyrim from Alduin the World-Eater at last. Amidst by the souls of Sovngarde's mightiest heroes, you watch his basic bake ablaze as the dawn, again abatement abroad to ash. What complete accompanies this event? "Blink blink blonk!" Beef would like you to apperceive you've aloof apart the Dragonslayer achievement, which it does by audibly arena a acquiescently rinky-dink complete effect.

While Steam's Big Account Approach has had an accomplishment notification complete for a minute, as Beef Accouter owners apperceive abounding well, Desktop Approach remained classily bashful back that little rectangle appeared in the bend of your screen. Now it makes a babble for every achievement, and back a bold finishes downloading, and I abhorrence it.

Fortunately, you can about-face the babble off. As of an update beforehand this month, Valve has "Added a toggle in notification settings to about-face on/off sounds for non-critical notifications." All you accept to do is go to Beef > Settings > Notifications and again hit that "Play a complete back a notification acknowledgment is displayed" toggle. Acquirements these notifications are alleged "toasts" has alone fabricated me abhorrence them more, by the way. 

Jody Macgregor
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