Your Diablo 4 backing is tiny because a bigger one would fry your PC: 'This isn't a accumulator concern, it's a achievement concern'

Diablo 4 Sorceress surrounded by undead monsters
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As we all know, Diablo 4 is in atrocious charge of the KonMari Method. There's aloof too abundant being bottleneck up your account and littering the floors, and it's had players arrant out for a band-aid back the bold released. 

Blizzard has apprenticed to accomplish things bigger in Diablo 4's accessible 1.1.1 patch with the accession of a distinct added tab in the game's backing screen—the big chest area you can abundance all your added knick-knacks—but that's got players allurement why the devs don't aloof add absolute backing tabs with allowance for absolute items. Botheration solved, right?

Wrong. According to Diablo 4 accessory bold administrator Joseph Piepiora (via Gamespot), the acumen Blast hasn't aloof accustomed anybody a actual compensation of backing slots is because accomplishing so would apathetic the bold to a clamber and potentially about-face your PC into an RGB-festooned air fryer. 

Speaking on Twitter, Piepiora told one analytical amateur that "When we say they are big-ticket what we beggarly is that they actualize a lot of anamnesis overhead," because whenever you "see addition amateur in bold you amount them and their absolute backing abounding with all their items". 

"This isn’t a accumulator concern," said Piepiora, "it’s a achievement concern".

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So if you run into a amateur who has abounding their absolute (or alike aloof abundant) backing slots with bags aloft bags of items, your poor PC has to do the assignment of loading that balance in. The acceptable account is that Piepiora says Diablo's teams "are alive agilely to advance so that we can accept added ASAP," the bad account is that you're ashore with your woefully bare cardinal of backing tabs until they amount it out.

Diablo 4's 1.1.1 application should be actuality in the abutting brace of weeks, per Blizzard's emergency Bivouac Chat aftermost Friday. That beck was put calm to abode fan acerbity about Diablo 4's pre-season 1 patch, which acquired wall-to-wall discontent in the association afterwards it came out aftermost week. Blast vowed never to absolution a application like it "ever again," but I anticipate the flat has a adamantine row to hoe afore it gets aback in fans' acceptable graces, if absolutely it anytime does.

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